27 February 15

Rhubarb and Sourdough Bread Puddings

I get as excited about the start of the new rhubarb season as a child does about Christmas! I think part of my excitement is because for me it symbolises the beginning of a new year and ultimately a new season. The winter months produce a limited supply of seasonal ingredients, then forced rhubarb appears and it has such a vibrant and wonderful colour, hence the excitement.

I have written two methods for cooking the rhubarb in this recipe, if you have the sous-vide tools, then give this recipe a go (see Chef’s Notes); it works for me every time, but if not, then the conventional method is just as good. The results are slightly different because with the conventional method the rhubarb may lose a bit of its shape if the heat is too fierce, but just use your commonsense with this one – I have given timings,


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12 February 15

T-bone Pork Steak with Brandy-spiked Peppercorn Sauce

We cook and serve a lot of steaks. Last year we dedicated Friday evenings to a night of steaks. Our intention was to not only serve the usual suspects, such as beef steaks, but to also serve something a bit different that was still seasonal.

Well, these Dingley Dell T-bone pork steaks are definitely something different. We buy 800g–1kg pork steaks and they are perfect for two to share. Cooking a large piece of pork instead of two individual steaks saves on pan space, plus cooking this thicker cut of pork on the bone helps to keep the meat succulent and juicy. A win win situation as far as I’m concerned.

We do not like to overcook our pork; with these timings the pork will be medium instead of well done. Around the bone the meat will still be slightly pink, but do not be put off. Just make sure


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06 February 15

Curried Mussels Bruschetta

Brunch is the new breakfast and lunch rolled into one, and is predicted to be the ‘in thing’ for 2015 by food trend experts. It’s informal and is to be enjoyed with a newspaper and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a cup of tea or coffee. Sounds like heaven to me.

This dish is simple and delicious. The spices are complex and sophisticated but not too punchy to put you off your cuppa. I serve the curried mussels on sourdough toast – perfect for soaking up the sauce and maximising the enjoyment.

I use rope-grown mussels from the River Deben here in Suffolk. They are farmed all year round, but my preference is still to enjoy them in their natural season, which is during the months with ‘r’ in the name, when the water is colder and the taste of the mussels is naturally sweeter (then leave


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02 February 15

Warm Peppered Pig with Charred Pak Choi and Sprouting Broccoli Salad

I embrace ingredients from around the world and try to incorporate cooking techniques or ingredients from other cuisines in my genre of cooking. We live in a multicultural society and some of us are fortunate enough to have travelled and visited other countries and continents too.

This recipe is one inspired by my many food shopping crusades to London, where I enjoy snooping around the streets and small shops of Brick Lane, China Town in Soho and Borough Market, to name but a few.

The pork is my version of the now very popular and fashionable pulled pork. If you’re not keen on spicy food, then I recommend that you tone down the pepper and chillies. Fresh peppercorns are amazing and if you are lucky enough to get hold of them I highly recommend that you give them a go – they are incredibly fragrant and immensely complex in flavour.


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