Minty Coconut Chocolate Ice Morsels
Minty Coconut Chocolate Ice Morsels

Minty Coconut Chocolate Ice Morsels

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    Makes 40 - 50 pieces
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As a child I loved coconut ice; the best bit was making it with my mum. She liked baking and it was one activity we could do together. Balancing work and home life is not easy and as a child I never realised how hard it is as my expectations were that mum had to be available all the time; the fact of the matter is that she had to work to give me a good education and I had to settle for little time spent with her. Baking was time well spent and the sense of achievement and enjoyment meant the day always ended on a high. I guess this is the case for most families and if you can find something as simple as making coconut ice together, then enjoy.

I made these for Mother’s Day, I know it has been and gone but I’m sure that there are plenty of other occasions and reasons to make these fabulous little morsels. I have flavoured mine with mint, however if you like it plain then exchange the mint for vanilla extract instead.

The key to success is that you must make this recipe in two stages as the coconut ice must rest for at least 8 hours (overnight will do) to set and harden. The following day cut the coconut ice into small bite size pieces before dipping them into tempered chocolate. I dipped mine only halfway into the chocolate as I liked the contrasting effect of the chocolate and white, the choice is yours if you want to cover yours completely, you will just need more chocolate.

Now the subject of tempering chocolate, well I’m not very good at it as I’m usually in a hurry and then before I even realise the chocolate is getting too warm. If you have patience and want to give it a go then follow these guidelines. To temper chocolate correctly you will need a thermometer. Start by melting half the chocolate at first to about 48 – 50 °C then add the non-melted chocolate and stir to melt, incorporating it into the already melted chocolate. Bring the temperature down to 32 °C; the chocolate is then ready to be used.

Then lastly after all the effort keep the chocolates in a cool dark well ventilated space, avoid keeping them in the fridge or near a radiator (during the winter).

Ingredients & Method

  • 1 tin condensed milk (397g)
  • 350g icing sugar
  • 350g dessicated coconut
  • 1tsp peppermint extract
  • 250g 70 % dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces

Day one: Mix the condensed milk, coconut, icing sugar and peppermint until all the ingredients are well combined. Line a 34cm x 20cm x 4cm tray with double layer of clingfilm and press the coconut ice into the tray, smooth the top by covering your hand with a rubber glove and rub to even it out. The mix is thick and fairly stiff, use elbow grease and perseverance to get it smooth. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Day two: Cut the coconut ice into 3cm x 1cm bite size pieces.

Temper the chocolate: In a bowl that fits comfortably over a small saucepan, measure half the chocolate. Bring a small saucepan with 3cm water to a gentle simmer and then place the bowl over to melt the chocolate, ensure that the bowl does not touch the water and that it’s not boiling too fast. A thermometer is essential for this, melt until the chocolate reaches 48 – 50 °C , stir continuously, once the temperature is reached, remove the bowl from the pan, and stir in the remaining chocolate stirring continuously to bring the temperature down to 32 °C. The chocolate is now ready to be used.

Line two large trays with parchment paper and dip each coconut morel in the chocolate, I have only dipped mine in half way, shake off the excess chocolate and place the dipped coconut ice on the lined baking tray. Leave to set and cool at room temperature.

Makes plenty, bag or box them up and hand them out as little gifts.

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