29 August 12

Gooseberry and Stem Ginger Ice Cream

I am definitely on a ice cream and sorbet mission. When we first opened the doors to the British Larder in Suffolk we bought all of our ice creams and sorbets. We do have and brought with us a very very old ice cream machine with two broken knobs and require hot wiring to work, not safe, hope you understand the reason for buying ready made. We also like to support the local produces and that is why we where not horrified by the idea of buying rather than making. As time passed and we celebrated our first years anniversary we settled into the business and the kitchen team are stable which means we can start focusing on the products we wanted to make and that is on our to do list.

Ice creams and sorbets was one of those, ‘to do’ items on the wishlist. Well Ross took the


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12 August 12

Raspberry Frangipane Tart, Honey and Raspberry Ice Cream

The natural fragrance and aroma from fresh raspberries is simply scrumptious. This year so far we have had particularly large, fragrant and sweet raspberries. Almonds and raspberries are a naturally good combination, throw in a spoonful of local honey and you’re even better off.

Our beehives are doing well – fingers crossed we shall gain a few jars this season for our own pleasure and joy. John Buzz our bee man has warned me that with the cold and wet the bees are not particularly productive, well only time will tell and we still have a few more weeks of summer to go.

Here at British Larder HQ we make everything in bulk, I usually make a test batch large enough for tasting and selling, in this case I made 12 tarts for the restaurant and one for me. However the honest truth and I feel confession time coming on,


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05 August 12

Suffolk Grown Broccoli Soup, Toasted Almonds and Hawkstone Cheese Biscuits

We are living the dream, and as chefs we are pampered and spoiled rotten. We live in a vibrant community which takes food seriously and we happen to live in the centre of a county that grows and rears fantastic produce supplying the catering and supermarket trade. Foskett, our local Bromeswell farm, has land as far as the eye can see, and it produces outstanding quality organic produce such as broccoli, potatoes, onions, green beans, corn, salad leaves and I’m sure much more that I don’t even know about – oh, nearly forgotten about the wonderful Brussels sprouts!

The friendly lanky farm manager Thomas delivers crates of Bromeswell glory to our gate every week. While the rest of the country is struggling to get Broccoli we have a regular and steady supply. I do feel spoiled!

We do on the odd occasion go to people’s homes to pick mulberries, wild


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26 July 12

Gooseberry Curd Pavlova

I’m a sucker for a good curd. I ramble on about making curds for a long long time. It’s the sumptuous sour sweet butteryness bordering on silky creamy smoothness that gets me every time. Mmm, I can almost taste it as I’m writing…. The success to a good curd, however, is choosing a fruit with a good acidity level. Lemons, gooseberries, rhubarb and quinces all come to mind.

Since I had the thermomix I have made all curds using this machine, partly because it’s as simple as putting all the ingredients in, setting the timer and pressing a button; the machine does all the work, cooking and stirring automatically. Once done all I need to do is to pour it into a container, chill and serve. However, I also recognise that not everyone has this piece of machinery at home, and for that reason I have also added the conventional


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