26 June 13

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta with Coconut Macarons

Passion fruits were my late father’s favourite fruit and mum used to bake the most delicious passion fruit cake. Dad loved the juicy interior and numerous seeds of passion fruits, which as a child I disliked as the seeds got stuck between my teeth, but now I really appreciate these wonderful fruit. Back home in South Africa we call them purple granadilla. They are at their best once the husk is slightly dried and wrinkled. Many people will throw them away when they start to look wrinkled, but for my mum and I that simply means they are then at their best and perfect for baking in dad’s favourite cake.

I like a good panna cotta and the acidity and really strong taste of passion fruits works well with the cream, plus the sugar is just enough to create the perfect balanced flavour combination. The coconut macarons add extra sweetness


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12 June 13

Pork Roast with Boulangère Potatoes and Apple Sauce

Roasting pork, beef or chicken on a Sunday takes me back to my childhood. They were happy days. Mum worked full time and I was at boarding school, so going home every weekend was lovely as I used to look forward to our special Sunday meals, which were usually a roast. Dad’s preference was roast lamb, but nowadays any roast brings back those wonderful memories and lovely smells from our kitchen at home.

Back then as a child, special meals where celebrated with prime cuts of meat and only enjoyed on Sundays, Christmas Day and our birthdays; the rest of the time we used to enjoy less expensive meals. Those happy times made me appreciate the special celebrations and, most importantly, I developed a respect for prime cuts of meat. Nowadays, prime cuts are perhaps readily available to more people, and I sometimes wonder if the ‘specialness’ of them is


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28 May 13

Asparagus and Pheasant Egg Salad

Asparagus season in Suffolk is a real treat. There is usually an abundance of it and the best sight is seeing how gardeners sell their freshly cut home grown asparagus at the roadside.

This starter is hugely popular at the British Larder Suffolk. The delicious pheasant eggs come from Richard who is running his egg business called “Eggsolicious”. Richard is great, he not only has pheasant eggs but also quail’s eggs and free-range hen’s eggs, which usually have double yolks so they are great value indeed!

Pheasant eggs are a bit tricky to boil and peel. My advice is to boil them in a pan of water with a dash of vinegar, then once they are cooked, drain then dunk them in iced water and hope for the best when peeling, as they are usually very fragile.


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22 May 13

Buttermilk and Spelt Soda Bread

Mr P and I both enjoy a good bit of bread. When Pump Street Bakery in Orford opened we thought that all our Christmases had come at once and we would never need to attempt to bake bread again. I enjoy baking bread, do not misunderstand me, but the enjoyment wears off quickly for me with something as technical as baking bread when it’s done on a daily basis, especially when menus change regularly.

The British Larder Suffolk team visited the Hand and Flowers in Marlow a couple of months ago. It was a very special and memorable visit and Tom and his team looked after us very well. Amongst all the special and delicious plates of food, the memory of the delicious and very tasty soda bread has stayed with me.

I was inspired to bake my own version of soda bread. It took a few attempts to get


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