07 February 14

Home-made Salami

Hmmm, I’m sitting here toying with my thoughts and deciding whether or not I should give my secret away. OK, so it’s not really a secret as most of the information is available with a bit of research on the web and in many books, plus lots of people are doing it and have been doing it for years. Are you intrigued? I am talking about making your own salami, of course.

Talking about books, I have bought quite a few books on curing over the past month or so and I can honestly say that not one includes all the information you need. It’s such a specialist subject and I am curious as to why no one has written a technical step-by-step book on making salami and curing meat. It’s been driving me crazy. I would like one book to tell me all the do’s and don’ts, all the


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15 January 14

Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Braised Choucroute and Bacon

This is my kind of food and perfect for this time of the year. The smell that lingers in the kitchen is simply wonderful and inviting and is the kind that creates lasting memories.

This dish is perfect for sharing, a family-style supper for two, providing more than generous servings if the pork tenderloin is on the small side, but if it is on the larger side, then this is perfect for a family of four (two adults and two children).

I would like to mention here that cooking pork tenderloin perfectly is more difficult than cooking fish to perfection. Pork tenderloin is, to my mind, very underused and I think it’s perhaps because it’s very lean, with no fat at all, and if it’s overcooked it will be tasteless and very dry. For that reason, I cook my pork tenderloin medium to medium-well done. Pink is perhaps pushing it


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02 January 14

Puy Lentil Scotch Eggs

Last year we won the 2013 Scotch Egg Challenge in aid of Action Against Hunger. The winning eggs are Smoked Venison Scotch Eggs and, not only do they sell like hot ‘eggs’ here at the British Larder, they are now also sold in a very well known ‘yellow’ signed department store at the posh end of Oxford Street!

But, enough of smoked venison Scotch eggs, our vegetarian diners have voiced their desire and need for a Scotch egg of their own, and for that reason our version of a Puy lentil Scotch egg is now regularly made by request.

They are very tasty, but when making them, take extra time and care as the mixture is a little bit soft, so make sure you chill the mixture according to the recipe, otherwise it might all end in tears.

If you fancy a fishy version of a Scotch egg instead, do


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21 December 13

Pheasants on Horseback

‘Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la la la la… I can’t sing but I can’t help myself bursting into song and feeling the festive spirit as I am writing this recipe. These little numbers are simply fantastic, not only served as a canapé or snack, but as part of all the trimmings with your Christmas feast (or any roast for that matter).

The game season is in full swing and hopefully everyone has enjoyed a pheasant or two so far this season. They are easy to come by and if like me you prefer to cook the breast and legs separately, then this recipe is an ideal one to use up the pheasant legs that have accumulated during the season.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much meat is on a pheasant’s leg, quite a lot once it’s cooked well and you flake the


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