06 January 13

Apple and Walnut Pie, Cinnamon Ice Cream

The lovely Mr. P inspired the makings of this recipe. He loves a good pie and one in this format, resembling a strudel, makes him very happy. He likes a bit of pastry but not too much and for him the key to a successful pie is not a soggy bottom. Well, filo pastry is a good choice for guaranteed crispness and no soggy bottoms.

I love autumn and winter for the range of colours that Mother Nature displays, and for the peacefulness around us, with everything going to rest for a few months, but consequently, the seasonal produce available at this time of year is a bit more limited. I like British apples and pears as the varieties are numerous and there are lots to choose from. We get our apples and pears from High House Farm, where Piers and Suvie endlessly and painstakingly look after their fruits. We


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08 December 12

Pear, Binham Blue and Walnut Tart

Winter has settled in and rain, snow and sleet is at the order of the day. Autumn has passed quickly this year. I did however managed to capture the beautiful colours of autumn that took over my beautiful apple tree. I have now managed to take a photograph of this wonderful tree in every season and I must confess that the rusty brown colours during autumn are possibly my favourites.

At this time of the year, we have an abundance of chestnuts and walnuts, along with pears, quinces and apples, all of which we squirreled away at the end of autumn going into winter. These ingredients will not last long but whilst available can be used to create some delicious and warming recipes.

I am a sucker for a good tart, savoury or sweet, and when the pastry is homemade, it’s even better. I recently made a large batch of


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23 November 12

The British Larder: A Cookbook For All Seasons

The time has come to unveil this beautiful book to the world!

Holding the final product in my hands, I feel both honoured and humbled to have been given such a wonderful opportunity and I hope you grow to love it as much as I do.

After all this time, I still can’t quite believe that we have finally produced a cookbook and I can still remember my first conversation with Jon Croft, Publisher and Managing Director of Absolute Press (an Imprint of Bloomsbury), as if it were yesterday.

It was 4:30pm on a bright clear May afternoon. I had just finished my staff lunch, when the phone rang. It was Jon. He asked whether I would consider writing a cookbook. When I responded that I had recently declined such an offer because I had felt that the other publisher was not quite right for me, Jon turned on the



05 November 12

Wild Plum and Hazelnut Crumble, Vanilla Custard

This year Lottie Lin has provided us with plenty of wonderful fruits and vegetables from her garden and allotments. These wild plums appear amongst the array of scrummy goods that she delivers. Apart from making chutney, parfait and wild plum cheese, this crumble (made either in one large dish or in 6 individual dishes) quickly became my favourite recipe to use these beauties for. Served with a large jug of homemade warm, fresh egg custard laden with vanilla, this recipe gets as close to pudding heaven as I can imagine! It’s the kind of pudding that makes you feel a whole lot better when the weather is damp and cold, the toilets have sprung a leak, some of the staff members are misbehaving and, altogether, you are simply feeling pretty low.

The crumble topping is an old favourite of mine, it’s almost flapjack-like, as I make the crumble mixture, bake


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