11 February 12

Blood Orange Posset; Blood Orange Granita

With potentially more snow to come it’s fairly hard to believe that once we had sun…Having said that, there are blood oranges, so who needs sun!?? My favourite topic (not really true), the weather, but it does determine the seasons, my mood and the food I cook.

Blood oranges brighten up my day and having that fabulous luxury in the deepest darkest winter, with the beauty and colour of the blood orange that makes cooking just that little bit easier and, well prettier to say the least. The taste is just as magnificent, the sharp citrus with the a hint of the flavouring of raspberry. It can be all in my mind as they say, but then that is exactly what I taste and my opinion.

Blood Oranges are a variety of orange with unusual red coloured flesh. They are smaller than common oranges. The red coloured flesh is due


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04 February 12

Smoked Haddock Kedgeree, Quails Eggs and Curried Mayonnaise

Another month has come and gone, I have been rather slow with releasing recipes for the website.  Rightfully so I have been reminded about the lack of ‘action’ by a few regular British Larder readers. There is a good reason for that though; I have been very busy writing The British Larder Cookbook. It’s has been on my list of goals to achieve in my lifetime and now I’m doing it. It’s been a humbling experience and one I’m enjoying every step of the way.

However even thought I’m writing the book life goes on here at the British Larder Suffolk. The weather has been good to us during the high season in comparison to last year, the snow has now only arrived and frankly we can do without the snow. It’s pretty and makes me look at life, country and county with different eyes but for business it’s pretty


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26 December 11

Duck Pastrami; Medjool Date and Blood Orange Salad

This dish brings back a few memories from the past. The British Larder is my foody diary; one that I started very late in my life but it’s a diary of vague memories. Some fun, some pleasant, and some a bit painful growing up in the “cheffing world” and others of the very vague memories I have of food as a child.

Medjool dates evoke a few fond memories for me. My grandmother and mother both love dates; I remember how grandmother and I would sit in front of the fire on a cold winters day with nothing sweet to nibble on in the larder apart from a packet of dried dates. I remember holding them in my warm hands to soften them and then nibbling on them until I’m left with the stone in my mouth. It was sweet and meaty just like a fresh plump medjool date. The


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23 December 11

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