11 May 12

The British Larder Cookbook: A Book of Seasonal British Recipes (Signed Hardcover)

As the founder of the inspirational recipe diary BritishLarder.co.uk and and the award-winning gastro-pub, The British Larder Suffolk, I would like to introduce to you my debut recipe book ‘A Cookbook for all Seasons’. This beautiful and informative recipe book celebrates the seasonal bounty of Britain’s produce through my own eyes and culinary creativeness. In this, my first book, I bring my passion for seasonal, locally-sourced produce to the fore, aiding my crusade to convert all who love food to thinking and eating seasonally. This is a month-by-month tour of the best produce that the country has to offer, paired and transformed in the unique way that has been responsible for so much of The British Larder’s swiftly-gained and extremely fast-growing reputation. The sumptuous photographs of food created and styled by my own hands make The British Larder cookbook a must have for all food lovers who share my ethos.


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08 May 12

Pig’s Head Croquettes

This year marks a leap year and on the 29th of February we hosted a brand new concept and unique event; the Dingley Dell Flying Visit. Mark Hayward spends a lot of time with his pigs and he felt it was about time that he held an event celebrating his beloved beasts. The concept is straight forward; a crowd of people get together, accomplished butchers carry the pig into the room where we all raise a glass to the pig. The butchers demonstrate their skills in cutting the pig. The mission is concluded by fitting as many chefs as humanly possible into a small kitchen where the pig is cooked and served in a fantastic tasting feast.

The first event was held at The British Larder Suffolk where Mark Poynton and Paul Foster formed part of the lineup with Ross and all the chefs at the British Larder. James


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28 April 12

White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake, Ginger Brittle and Rhubarb

The outdoor rhubarb season is in full swing. Piers from High House Farm Suffolk is supplying us with the most glorious rhubarb. We worked hard this season to build the ever growing rhubarb recipe collection as well as cooking some of our old classics and favourites.

Rhubarb is such an easy vegetable to work with and pairs beautifully with many wonderful ingredients. The combination of the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake and rhubarb works wonderfully together. The cheesecake is a set cheesecake rather than a baked one. By making an Italian meringue before adding the cream cheese and leaving it to rest makes this cheesecake light and mousse like instead of dense and heavy set. I have not lined the rings with a biscuit base as you might expect. I have a slight personal problem with cheesecake bases, they are nine out of ten times soggy and for that reason


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19 April 12

Cheddar, Apple and Pickle Pasties

With a few warmer days thoughts turn to picnics and informal outside dining. Steve has been busy preparing for our famous grazing platters and made these cute dinky cheddar, apple and pickle pasties to feature proudly. They are about three bites big and look as pretty as a picture.

They are ideal for lunch boxes, picnics or served as a snack at a drinks parties. Steve makes these every day so his hand is very well trained by now shaping and making them. Shaping the pasties takes a bit of practice, it’s good fun and you can encourage the whole family to get involved. If you like the look of them make a large enough batch, freeze the raw pasties in layers divided with parchment paper and defrost the amount you need as and when required. I recommend that you defrost them completely before cooling in the fridge over night.


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