14 December 11

Festive Christmas Pudding

And here it is, Merry Christmas! Another year over and another 100 Christmas puddings done. Last year was our first Christmas and I was determined to steam our own Christmas puddings and make our own mince pies. Which we did with plenty of pride, and this year was no different as we have done exactly the same, apart from the fact that we have doubled our production. I made some fantastic British Larder Made hampers, which these beauties feature in.

Sadly last year I got so trapped in the glory and splendour of the Christmas whirlwind that I never managed to get a chance to post the recipe. Well with another season nearly done, I thought I had better post this recipe before another year would have come and gone again. To be truthful, our kitchen recipe book is suffering; it’s looking sad, fat-stained, losing pages and is very


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07 December 11

Rose Scented Yoghurt Jelly with Pomegranate Jewels

It does not matter how depressing, damp and cold the winter becomes, this bright and beautiful dish will brighten up any drab and dreary winters day. With this recipe I celebrate the splendor and beauty of the jewel like fruit in season during the later winter months of December and February, the Pomegranate. Pomegranates are imported and mainly come from the Middle East, America, and South and East Asia. Pomegranates are said to have health benefits as they contain a high level of antioxidants and are rich in vitamin C, potassium and fibre.

For this recipe I combined floral rose water with the acidic and sharp taste of pomegranate. Rosewater is not everyone’s cup of tea and in my opinion and experience it should be used sparingly.  Once the yogurt cream cools the flavour magnifies and the taste of the floral rose water becomes more prominent and can easily be


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23 November 11

Apple Snow, Warm Honey Madeleine

Autumn has finally settled in and our resident cherry tree has turned the most delicious shades of yellow, orange and copper. I watched autumn taking hold of this tree and in a matter of two days it turned colour over night and the leaves have dropped in a wink. The oak tree at the back is still hanging onto its leaves but slowly it’s producing a lot of raking for Mr.P, our own jack of all trades. He’s really meant to be cooking but is to be found to be doing almost everything, you might even find him with the loo brush in one hand, the feather duster in the other, and on the odd occasion he’s got hold of the rake to gather up leaves!

We have been fortunate enough this season to have been inundated with the most glorious varieties of apples from our lovely customers. It’s great,


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14 November 11

Tufted Duck and Chicken Liver Parfait

Winter is settling in and the game season is well underway. Our deer friend and local game expert David Grimwood came bearing gifts, amongst the wonderful array of game was these tufted ducks. The lovely thing about David and his gamey gifts is that every time we learn something new.

Tufted duck, Aythya fuligula, is a diving duck. Due to grazing on marshes and closer to the sea shore its meat has a dark red colour and has a stronger gamier taste than the rest of the wild duck species.

Davids recommendation was to boil the duck and then blend it into a pate. My thoughts turned to the chicken liver parfait recipe that we current make at the restaurant. So the inspiration for this recipe came from that. After a good look and prod and feel I realised there is not much to these tufted ducks, however the breast


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