19 April 12

Cheddar, Apple and Pickle Pasties

With a few warmer days thoughts turn to picnics and informal outside dining. Steve has been busy preparing for our famous grazing platters and made these cute dinky cheddar, apple and pickle pasties to feature proudly. They are about three bites big and look as pretty as a picture.

They are ideal for lunch boxes, picnics or served as a snack at a drinks parties. Steve makes these every day so his hand is very well trained by now shaping and making them. Shaping the pasties takes a bit of practice, it’s good fun and you can encourage the whole family to get involved. If you like the look of them make a large enough batch, freeze the raw pasties in layers divided with parchment paper and defrost the amount you need as and when required. I recommend that you defrost them completely before cooling in the fridge over night.


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11 April 12


Earlier this month when I was challenged to cook for South African rugby players the nerves set in and to be honest I grabbed the phone and called my mother. Living in the UK for nearly 20 years I must admit that traditional South African recipes are not as prominent in my culinary repertoire as one would expect. The challenge was to make a tasty Bobotie (aromatically spiced lamb mince dish topped with egg) almost like a moussaka without the aubergines, Malva pudding (sticky toffee pudding without the dates) and then koeksisters.

I can hear the question already - what is a koeksister? When I started making these the team were enthusiastic and everyone asked what they are, I think they all just wanted a taster. To define something in a different language and also to describe it in comparison to what they would recognise challenged me slightly. The explanation


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04 April 12

Minty Coconut Chocolate Ice Morsels

As a child I loved coconut ice; the best bit was making it with my mum. She liked baking and it was one activity we could do together. Balancing work and home life is not easy and as a child I never realised how hard it is as my expectations were that mum had to be available all the time; the fact of the matter is that she had to work to give me a good education and I had to settle for little time spent with her. Baking was time well spent and the sense of achievement and enjoyment meant the day always ended on a high. I guess this is the case for most families and if you can find something as simple as making coconut ice together, then enjoy.

I made these for Mother’s Day, I know it has been and gone but I’m sure that there


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21 March 12

Rhubarb Champagne Blancmange

It’s rhubarb season; my highlight of the culinary seasonal calendar. I have a few new rhubarb recipes up my sleeve but am slightly concerned that you all might get a bit bored with it!

These fabulous rhubarb and champagne blancmange puddings were the fruits borne from our early morning cooking sessions. Just like the old days before we had the British Larder in Suffolk, Mr.P and I used to concoct recipes in the early mornings enabling me to take the photos before lunch as I rely on natural daylight, we certainly encountered a bit of nostalgia in the creation of these. After the photo session and stuffing our faces with blancmange for breakfast it’s back to the keyboard to write and record data. As we are doing research exactly as to what constitutes a blancmange Mr. P is reading to me from Mrs Beaton’s All About Cookery 1913. As he’s


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