21 March 12

Rhubarb Champagne Blancmange

It’s rhubarb season; my highlight of the culinary seasonal calendar. I have a few new rhubarb recipes up my sleeve but am slightly concerned that you all might get a bit bored with it!

These fabulous rhubarb and champagne blancmange puddings were the fruits borne from our early morning cooking sessions. Just like the old days before we had the British Larder in Suffolk, Mr.P and I used to concoct recipes in the early mornings enabling me to take the photos before lunch as I rely on natural daylight, we certainly encountered a bit of nostalgia in the creation of these. After the photo session and stuffing our faces with blancmange for breakfast it’s back to the keyboard to write and record data. As we are doing research exactly as to what constitutes a blancmange Mr. P is reading to me from Mrs Beaton’s All About Cookery 1913. As he’s


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11 March 12

Pecan, Date and Honey Savarin, Honeycomb, Yoghurt Sorbet

Mothers day is fast approaching, where is the year going?? Not so long ago I was making Christmas puddings and now we are planning puddings for mothers day. Crazy when you are having fun!

This recipe is a delicious and innovative twist on the classic sticky toffee pudding. These puddings are light and surprisingly not as sweet as what you would expect. Using rapeseed oil and honey make a huge difference keeping the puddings soft, crumbly and moist. I bought these savarin moulds (savarin refers to the name of the mould, characteristically a savarin mould is shallow and has a hole in  the center) from Lakelands online shop and they are the perfect size. I shall definitely be using them in the summer for fabulous homemade jellies.

The savarin itself is a light soft crumbly textured cake and the yoghurt sorbet has a sharp lemony twist the combination of adding


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25 February 12

Lemon Sole, Chicory and Cockles

The long dark wintery days and snow covered ground is enough to send anyone in to a mild state of depression. From my point of view I suppose the only thing to keep me occupied or mildly sane in these current weather conditions is cooking and making dishes as colourful and interesting as possible, and the season’s treats of green leeks and red chicory is a colourful feast for the eye. This time of the year the natural British larder is a bit empty, however, the season is slowly changing and it’s good news, as the days are now getting longer with a little bit more daylight.

Cockles, lemon sole, leeks and chicory are a few named seasoanl ingredients at their very best right now.

Lemon sole is a small flat fish related to flounder, and as a matter of fact it’s not related to any of the sole family


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11 February 12

Blood Orange Posset; Blood Orange Granita

With potentially more snow to come it’s fairly hard to believe that once we had sun…Having said that, there are blood oranges, so who needs sun!?? My favourite topic (not really true), the weather, but it does determine the seasons, my mood and the food I cook.

Blood oranges brighten up my day and having that fabulous luxury in the deepest darkest winter, with the beauty and colour of the blood orange that makes cooking just that little bit easier and, well prettier to say the least. The taste is just as magnificent, the sharp citrus with the a hint of the flavouring of raspberry. It can be all in my mind as they say, but then that is exactly what I taste and my opinion.

Blood Oranges are a variety of orange with unusual red coloured flesh. They are smaller than common oranges. The red coloured flesh is due


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