24 April 14

Smoked Prawn Bisque with Tempura Asparagus and Prawns

We buy most of our smoked fish products from the wonderful Pinney’s of Orford. We love the quality of their products and the whole ethos of how they run their business, which makes them even more special.

We buy kilos of smoked prawns each week that are served as part of a large sharing platter. We peel the prawns and then turn the smoked prawns into a delicious prawn cocktail, so we are usually left with a heap of shells. The shells are then used to make this delicious bisque that could either be served as a soup for a starter or light lunch, or reduced and served as a sauce to go with a delicious piece of pan-fried hake.

Either way it’s proven to hit the spot with the British Larder customers and is hugely popular. The smoky taste is not overpowering and it’s quite subtle, but the smokiness


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17 March 14

Bresaola with Salt-baked Parsnips and Parsnip Remoulade

The inspiration and credit for the bresaola in this recipe goes to Diana Henry’s book ‘Salt, Sugar, Smoke’. My good friend Richard Arbon (self-confessed food fanatic, sausage-making lover, best salt beef producer, jam and condiment extraordinaire, as well as his day job as an excellent craftsman) went on holiday to Norfolk and came back with this fabulous book under his arm.

I had been harping on for weeks before that I would like to have a go at making salami and cured meats. Well, one thing led to another, and Richard brought this book for me to read, pointing out that he had spotted bresaola in the book and did I fancy giving it a go. Before reading the recipes, I ordered the meat and then after reading both bresaola recipes, I realised that I did not have the cure #2 to hand and had to resort to the wet


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25 February 14

Quick Smoked Sea Trout with Leeks Vinaigrette, Crispy Air-dried Ham and Horseradish Cream

These are a few of my favourite ingredients interweaved into this one recipe. I can hear you cry: “yet another complicated recipe!”, so I apologise loudly and proudly my friends for this long recipe, but please take snippets you like from this recipe and make your own version – she says with a sigh of relief, sitting back in her seat and muttering under her breath, “thankfully that one is dealt with…” No, I am not going crazy and I am not slightly weird, I am just talking to myself – I find self-talk is the best means to motivate myself. I often hear Mr P shouting through the bathroom door “Maddy, Maddy, who are you talking to?” My response is simply, “I am talking to myself, as I am the only one that listens!’ I can hear him chuckle as he walks away.

This quick smoked method is one


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07 February 14

Home-made Salami

Hmmm, I’m sitting here toying with my thoughts and deciding whether or not I should give my secret away. OK, so it’s not really a secret as most of the information is available with a bit of research on the web and in many books, plus lots of people are doing it and have been doing it for years. Are you intrigued? I am talking about making your own salami, of course.

Talking about books, I have bought quite a few books on curing over the past month or so and I can honestly say that not one includes all the information you need. It’s such a specialist subject and I am curious as to why no one has written a technical step-by-step book on making salami and curing meat. It’s been driving me crazy. I would like one book to tell me all the do’s and don’ts, all the


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