16 November 10

A Tasting of Game

It’s a feather and fur feast here at the British Larder Suffolk, as we celebrate the game fortnight between the 6th and 20th of November. In honour of this we created a game tasting plate which we serve either as a starter for one hungry person or two to share, or even as a lovely main for one. This dish has it all: colour, texture, taste and smell.

David Grimwood from the Froize brought me in this wonderful array of wild ducks. I must confess that before we opened the doors here in Suffolk both Ross and I had never plucked a bird or skinned a rabbit, and we are so incredibly grateful that we now know how it’s done. We armed ourselves with a bit of skill and it’s wonderful! Highly recommended for all enthusiastic cooks out there. It could be perceived as a bit of a gory task;


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08 November 10

Truffled Parsnip and Pickled Girolle Salad with Shipcord Cheese and Toasted Hazelnuts

It’s the time of year when root vegetables takes centre stage, wild mushrooms are plentiful and we are looking for richer, bolder flavours when cooking. If you’re lucky enough you might find a few truffles if you can afford purchasing them. In my case I have to settle for truffle oil; it has as equally a delicious and inviting flavour, taste and aroma as the real deal.

This dish is one of those faithful beauties that has graced the menus of the British Larder Suffolk for a few weeks and our customers love it! I should also take the opportunity to thank Maria Elia for inspiring us to put this dish on our menu, Maria is a very good friend of ours, spending many days working with us. Her presence here meant that we actually managed to get a day off and we are both very graceful for Maria’s kind


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01 November 10

Roasted Butternut Squash, Pomegranate and Chickpea Salad

With the darker days looming and the seasonal colours bursting into shades of burnt orange and gold, this dish is the perfect recipe to conquer the gloomy days of Autumn turning into Winter..

Pomegranates are coming into season and butternut squashes are perfect for harvesting and cooking. This dish is perfect at this time of year and can be tossed together simply and quickly. It’s a delicious recipe to pull out of the drawer on a miserable day, and brings a real splash of colour to dull wintry weather.

Autumn and Winter is not only about hearty stews and boiling hot soups but the occasional salad served either warm or cold is a refreshing break. We regularly enjoy meals without meat or fish and this dish is that all in one nutritious meal without the meat. Saying that it’s also perfect to be served as a side dish with whole


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25 October 10

Partridge, Fig and Salted Caramel Walnuts

Autumn is coming to a close and winter is starting to settle in. The central heating has to be turned on and the frost is is looming. The sloes are ready to be picked and turned into sloe gin, actually I think I shall do just that today.

All the seasons are important for us here at the British Larder Suffolk, this is our first Autumn and it will be our first winter. The game has not been in short supply and we are ever so pleased to see that the diners appreciate the game as much as we do. This partridge, fig and salt caramel walnut dish featured several times on our menu, and will do until the figs come to an end. The whole dish is a triumph as the different textures and taste compliment each other, it’s one of those dishes you wish it would never end


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