09 December 10

Medlar and Quince Jelly, Quince Curd and Garibaldi Biscuits

When Danny brought medlars for the first time I was absolutely flabbergasted. I had no idea what they look like, but strangely I guessed what they were. Medlars are the most intriguing looking fruits. Although not quite an apple, the apple looking fruits are very hard and acidic, and hence they require bletting before ready to be eaten or used as an ingredient. The fruits become edible after being softened or bletted by frost, or left to soften naturally. Bletting means that the fruit should be left to ripen beyond the ripening point, in common terms leave it to rot, and the flesh starts to decay and ferment.

Most of the time medlars are mixed with apples to be turned into wine or jellies. As we had a large quantity of quinces donated to us I thought I’d give it a go mixing the two, and actually, the result is


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04 December 10

One Bite Luxury Mince Pies

It’s our very first Christmas here at the British Larder Suffolk. We have already had snow so we know what to expect weather-wise; planning for the cold is easy in comparison to planning for Christmas!

It’s not as simple as counting in the in-laws and hey presto cooking for a family of six, no, it’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s true as the expression “finger in the wind” guess work. I had to guess how many turkeys we will need. I have now finally made all the Christmas puddings. After a panic I baked a few more…. I now have 102 individual Christmas puddings soaking and 24 large ones for Christmas day itself! As for the mince pie mixture I made 40kg and I hope it’s going to be enough. I have now documented all of this information and hopefully next year the calculations will be easier….I hope!


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29 November 10

Venison Burger with Roasted Parsnip Straws

Finally we found our lunch time niche item for the menu – phew I thought it was never going to happen!! Drum roll please……. It’s the fantastic bang on season Venison Burger!

As I said in previous posts, game does well. I could guess that if we only needed to sell game we would still have done pretty well. Our customers enjoy it and I must say it’s been the best amount of creative fun I could ever have imagined to have in the British Larder kitchen.

We set out to do something for everyone and felt the urge to cater for as many markets and tastes as we possibly can. Sandwiches and burgers, along with a ploughmans and steaks, all grace our lunch time menus, but this recipe is a fairly new one that we only started to serve a week or so ago, and boy oh boy is


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22 November 10

Slow-Cooked Pheasant, Pink Fir Fondant Potatoes and Celeriac Cream

The game season is continuing and it’s such a pleasure to see how well game is received and enjoyed by all the British Larder visitors. The best selling game dish so far is the Game tasting plate, followed by our famous Venison Wellington and Pheasant dishes.

Every week we have a different pheasant dish on the menu to offer variety, and to be honest, we simply do not get bored of being creative and coming up with something new each week. I will eventually get the recipe for Ross’s Pheasant Kiev one day and share it with you – it’s delicious!

This dish is what we call a team effort dish – nearly every member in the kitchen has contributed an idea or two to the creation of this dish. Maria sparked the whole idea by requesting us to do a slow-cooked pheasant dish and the rest all fell


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