06 July 10

Time To Confess

The past two months have been a rollercoaster of emotions; a whirlwind that’s swept me off my feet and dragged me into an unknown world. It feels as if I have been spat out by a great big tidal wave onto a desert island and I don’t know how to survive, so every day is a huge learning curve! I’m touching my way through this project and can’t help but feel slightly lonesome, as Mr. P is still committed to his high-flying day job and I am left to make all the decisions….

This vast decision-making process is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone – I have a reputation for being indecisive! This project has pushed me right to the limits, although it’s a positive thing because it is supplying me with a few more tools in my hefty toolbox of life, laying down the foundations of strength



04 July 10

Fresh Buffalo Curd Summer Salad

I have always had the interest to try and make cheese but never really got round to do so. As a young commis chef I had this fixation and dream to give my job up for a year and travel through France, visiting the cheese making regions (most of France that is!) and do voluntarily work for the small artisan cheese makers. Well that remained a dream as I was never motivated enough to learn to speak French or to save enough money to give up my job and take a year out.

English cheeses were never  looked at twice in my previous workplaces, mainly because these were establishments and restaurants specialising in modern French cuisine. It was not fashionable to serve English produce back then. It’s only recently, shall we say the past five/ six years, that British produce enjoys the focus and centre of attention. I’m very privileged


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01 July 10

The British Larder Is Taking Roots

Exciting news! Mr P and I are delighted to announce that we will very soon be the proud landlords of the Cherry Tree, Bromeswell, Woodbridge in Suffolk, to make the British Larder a real, living entity!

Following the success of the British Larder website, we have decided to take the next step and give the concept a spiritual and physical home. As Mr P puts it, “This will be a place to taste and touch what you see on the British Larder website.”

We have wonderful and far-reaching plans for the new restaurant, which will be christened the British Larder, Suffolk. In the first instance we will make the place look pretty with all the necessary British Larder paraphernalia, such as jars of cookies and baskets of bread, as well as some new furnishings to make the place look and feel more like home!

Why Suffolk? Well, it was



28 June 10

Chicken Caesar Salad

This is no ordinary chicken Caesar salad, no no, it’s  the British Larder way with home grown baby gem lettuce and all.

As you know by now I’m not quite normal and find it hard to do things the standard way, there has to be a twist somewhere along the line. Perhaps I’m putting too much pressure on myself to be slightly different or perhaps it just comes naturally.

Mr.P and I enjoy eating a good chicken Caesar salad as it is satisfying and has lots of different textures and does not leave you feeling heavy and bloated.

I made this particular dish into a portion big enough for a main coarse but if you wish you can  make a smaller amount and serve  as a starter.

It’s not always about the gimmicks and twists  that make a great dish but it’s also about good quality ingredients that are to


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