29 September 10

Honey, Plum and Blackberry Jelly with Plum Sorbet

Autumn has arrived and we have already had our fair share of rain showers and cold nights. The central heating has been turned on in the pub and I’m not so keen on the idea of when the frosts starts to settle in, reason being that I can imagine I’m going to land on my backside when I dash across the yard down the stairs on my way to the barn and walk-in fridge!

The colours of Autumn are luscious and bold and beautiful. Deep dark reds, greens and purples are as spectacular and reflective of Autumn as the colours in the delicious honey, plum and blackberry jelly with plum sorbet.

We buy most of our fruit from High-House Farm which is situated 6 miles from us. Every Monday and Thursday Piers gives me a call telling me about the fruits that are ready to be harvested and then the


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23 September 10

3 Michelin Star Evening at The British Larder, Suffolk

It’s THE foodie event of the year and we are so incredibly excited and fortunate to be part of it this year! The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival has featured high on our agenda for the past three years and this year is no exception. When the opportunity came along for us to participate we did not hesitate for one moment. We started to think about what we could do to get involved during this very important event. The conclusion was to call a few friends – Brett Graham, Steven Williams and Maria Elia, and we came up with a wonderful program packed with lots of exciting foodie events.

On Saturday 25th September, at 11am in the morning, I will be doing a cookery demonstration at the festival.  At The British Larder, Suffolk we will also be offering a special menu as part of the fringe event during 



20 September 10

Smoked Bacon, Artichoke and Hen’s Egg Tart

One of the reasons for choosing Suffolk as our home for the British Larder is due to the wealth and abundance of food and produce that this county has to offer - we are incredibly lucky chefs to have so much on our doorstep; that is for sure!

Before our arrival we had the privilege to have meet with Mark and Paul Hayward from Dingley Dell Pig farm, two men on a serious mission. Their pork is welfare friendly and they rear happy pigs producing great tasting pork. We know that all too well, as the Dingley Dell Pork Belly dish is the best selling main course dish at the British Larder Suffolk to date. We are very fortunate as the pigs are reared 2 miles from us.

On our mission to meet and find Suffolk producers we came across Emmet’s of Peasenhall. It’s a beautifully presented delicatessen selling


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12 September 10

Camomile Smoked Pear Pastilles

I love a visit from Lin. She brings us baskets filled with wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables from her allotment nearby. This week she brought me a baskets filled to the brim with conference pears, apples, courgettes, tomatoes, a ornamental squash for the display box and a bag filled with herbs. I have been waiting a few weeks for these pears and finally they arrived. Half of them I poached and the rest made it into this delicious camomile and smoked pear pastilles recipe.

My palate always used to be known as a good one, I had the privilege to taste the food in the restaurant as I was the only lady in the kitchen at that time. They said a woman’s palate is more refined and finely tuned. I loved every moment of the “glory” as I managed to taste nearly everything we served. It honed my palate and


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