21 January 11

My Treacle Tart Recipe

I’m not the best pastry cook around however I know a good tart when I see one. This treacle tart is simply one of those perfect recipes you know you can rely on time after time. It’s not incredibly difficult to make, it just requires a bit of quality time.

As with everything else we believe in and in line with our ethos here at the British Larder, we buy and use the best ingredients we can possibly afford and lay our hands on.

Moving to Suffolk was in one way very easy, as we knew that the produce, ingredients and suppliers are second to none. When we were first introduced to Chris Brennan it was like a breath of fresh air swept us off our feet and landed us on the bread wagon made for gods. Pump Street Bakery and its very capable baker Chris is a godsend for


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03 January 11

Bitter Chocolate and Rendelsham Forest Chestnut Truffle Cake

As soon as the first chestnuts appeared nearby here in Rendelsham Forest my brain clicked into overdrive, and the chestnut recipes and ideas started to flow and take over.

I was working on this recipe for a while and it took couple of attempts before I was entirely happy with the result and the way this cake turned out. I was looking for texture and a taste explosion and finally I’m happy with the way it turned out.

I was inspired to redevelop this recipe as I used to make a cake not dissimilar to this one when I worked in a delicatessen many years ago in London. As I moved home several times the original recipe was inevitably misplaced, and I had to start from scratch trying to redevelop this memory of a recipe I had from years ago. I’m pleased with the result as this recipe is a


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27 December 10

Red Wine Poached Quince and Goat’s Cheese Filo Tart

This recipe is a dedication of thanks to all our customers and staff who brought quinces in for us to cook with. It’s been a challenge and a half to come up with so many different quince recipes!

In light of this, however, I think we managed perfectly well. From quince chutney and purees to crumbles, curds and jellies, quinces featured on everything and anything from breakfast items, soups, starters, mains, desserts and also on the cheese boards. We even managed a seasonal cocktail we called a Quince Collins, using a quince vanilla puree mixed with gin and topped with soda water and plenty of ice.

We are now to the bare bones and the last tray of stored quinces. It’s almost sad and I’m slightly panicking as I’m not sure what the next glut is going to be!

Steve and I are flipping coins as to who is getting


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19 December 10

Cranberry, Orange and Port Sauce

Cooking this delicious cranberry, orange and port sauce is a wonderful smell experience. The whole house ends up infused with the warming scent of Christmas.

For me it’s not really Christmas unless I make my own cranberry sauce. There is something so very gratifying and satisfying about making my own. It’s much cheaper to buy ready made cranberry sauce but to have the Christmas feel and spirit going I’m sorry to say; I have to make my own. The great people from Suffolk Mud make a delicious version that is just as good as home-made cranberry sauce.

This recipe is simple and very easy to make, there are no tricks and it’s not even that time consuming either; it just needs a bit of love, care and attention. In my case it gives me good reason to buy a bottle of Port, crack open a box of cheese biscuits and


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