02 June 10

Roasted Woodpigeon Breast with Pickled Morel Mushrooms and Watercress Emulsion

Everyone has probably used the old cliche of ‘ not judging a book by it’s cover’ more than once in their lifetime. I used to cast this judgment on pigeons. I could not  think of them as food! ……my thoughts went from someones pet to…..urghhh they are the flying rats in the City pooping on Nelsons head.

Well seriously we get angry with these birds especially as they raid the freshly sown fields and farmers try their utmost to keep them at bay. I have seen some incredibly funky and clever tricks that farmers use from dangling glimmering old CD’s to a scarecrow or even a fake shotgun sound randomly clapping away at all hours of the day. The truth is  nothing really works. There are too many of them and if you can’t beat it, eat it!

Woodpigoens are delicious and have been a delicacy served on many restaurant


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30 May 10

Orange, Polenta and Wild Sumac Shortbread

It’s nearly a year ago since we visited Simon and Libby Langford at their beautiful boutique guest house Swan Hill House in Devon. Simon and Libby have an incredible eye for detail and everything is super perfect. From the decor in the individually styled and decorated rooms to Simon’s spectacular but very carefully prepared and well thought out  top class breakfast. Everything was perfect even the biscuits that Simon baked and left in a jar next to the carefully selected tea and coffee making facility.

As a matter of fact these have been  on my mind and have featured on my “to do list” ever since and that is to recreate Simon’s Orange and Polenta Biscuits.

I remember the orange fragrance and grittiness of the polenta very clearly,so it was a challenge  but I finally  made the time to create and perfect my own version of my distant memory of


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26 May 10

Asparagus Soup with Crisp Asparagus Rolls

A few weeks ago Mr.P and I went to spend a night in Nine Elms….. No it’s no horror story, no ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ but it was actually a night shift at New Covent Garden Night Market to celebrate British Asparagus. We went along to support Ruth Holbrook and the rest of the New Covent Garden market team who had organised the whole event to cook a few asparagus delights. Ruth even arranged for a beautiful ice sculpture (kindly donated by the ice box) to be made with the NCGM logo and a few bunches of asparagus embedded in the ice, it was pretty spectacular.

We arrived at  1am and with only 1 1/2 hours sleep we were both slightly delirious, it was a bitterly cold morning and one found it rather difficult to believe it was spring. As you can see  some of my photos were slightly


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22 May 10

Saffron Orange Soused Mackerel Salad

This dish is fast becoming one of my favourites. It’s fairly easy to make and has maximum impact for not a lot of effort. I have cooked this dish several times now and nearly every time I have used a different oily fish. It works exceptional well with not only mackerel but also herrings and rainbow trout. I demonstrated this recipe at a Catch and Cook event with Food Safari using Southwold landed herrings. It was delicious however the small bones in the herrings can be slightly off- putting. It’s too difficult to remove them all completely, so my tip is to remove as many as possible and then warn your guests about them

I have chosen to use mackerel today as it’s a very under used fish and we should enjoy it more often at our dinner table. Mackerel is a exceptionally good looking fish with its shiny blue


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