29 April 10

Baked Potato and Leek Soup With Roasted Chicken Cigarillos

Where has the sun gone!?!? Just as the bank holiday approaches the sun disappears. The truth is that the weather people have a more sophisticated answer for what’s happening i.e.- a cold front is moving in- or the arrival of other weather conditions but I am afraid all that type of jargon goes straight over my head. To my mind I have the simple answer which is that we are all bad sinful people and it’s a punishment from up above! Only joking!!! Hope I’m not evoking loads of anger with this silly comment.

Joking aside; I finally had the courage and  was brave enough to make a very humble potato and leek soup. I have had the idea for quite some time but I never felt it was challenging enough to write a recipe. I love the simplicity of such a soup, but that would be before I really


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25 April 10

Cinnamon Orange Blossom Honey Buns

I have had the baking bug again today. Actually I can say this proudly that I haven’t enjoyed cooking for such a long time, as much I have in the last two days. I felt as if I were in the restaurant again, working away filleting fish, making delicious fish velouté, red wine jus, steaming cockles and plenty of other jobs that I really enjoyed doing when I was still working in the restaurants. I never thought I would say I missed it, but I honestly did.

This time of the year when the days are getting longer and there is more light I feel more alive and have more energy to do lots.  Easter is approaching and I have had my fair share of Easter buns  but then I can never get enough of these.

Last month I bought two freshly baked Chelsea buns at Great Garnets farmers market


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21 April 10

Woodpigeon Pastrami with Fresh Radishes and Watercress on Sour Dough Bread

It was 5am on a Saturday morning, I was still sleepy and definitely not feeling like getting out of bed to wait for two birds to arrive, but I had to. The professionals that they are Direct Meats from near Colchester, kindly agreed to deliver a few woodpigeons for me to play with.

After paying the friendly delivery driver and placing my birds in the fridge, it was back to bed for a  while. Well so I hoped but my brain started to work overtime as I considered what I could do with these plump seasonal birds. I must have gone back to sleep  because when I woke up I realised I had been dreaming about WD50 and eating pastrami on our visit to New York.

Our New York gourmet extravaganza was pretty good and it’s a trip neither of us will forget.  We tried everything from upmarket restaurants such


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18 April 10

Dukkah Dusted Lamb Cutlets with Quinoa and Aubergine Salad

With  more daylight and the prospects of summer looming, this is enough to change my mindset and the way I think about food. It’s incredible but they say that most cooks/ chefs are very emotional, their feelings influence their work, almost like artists. I see myself as an artist in my own rights and yes my immediate environment and feelings definitely influence my cooking, recipe creations and work.

With the seasons changing and seeing the baby lambs in the fields encourages me to cook with lamb. I have been making this dukkah coated dish for  some time now and finally I have a reason to document it as a recipe for the British Larder.

What is Dukkah? It’s a spice and nut blend originally from Egypt. Each household has their own recipe and blend their own dukkah spice according to their taste. It’s used as a garnish over vegetable and


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