16 March 10

Molasses Roasted Pineapple with Dark Brown Sugar

I had the privilege to grow up in a country that has a suitable climate to grow exotic fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, guavas, passion fruit, paw paws, avocados, bananas and plenty more.

My grandfather experimented with most of these exotics and if it did not work  he would just pull it out and try something else. I loved his approach and have adopted a similar theory/ technique in my cooking and gardening. England does not have the right climate to grow pineapples so when they are in season and come from a fairtrade supplier then I’m more than happy to buy one.

You might think that I’m a hypocrite, in  as much I advocate using local seasonal produce and then use pineapples. I acknowledge that though we live in a country with a cooler climate this should not preclude us from using  ingredients grown in warmer climes. We all


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14 March 10

How To Use Gelatine

Following a conversation with Trish, a regular reader and user of the British Larder, about my usage of gelatine, I was prompted to write a page on the origins and usages of gelatine in the UK.

The sheet size of  UK leaf gelatine changed to half size a few years ago but it still causes confusion especially as the catering industry use another size of gelatine which comes with different grades and strengths. In the UK you can buy a variety of branded gelatine leaves, the two that I’m most familiar with are G.Costa and Super Cook Select Platinum Grade. My understanding is that though the dimensions changed, the strength remained the same, so in short it is exactly the same thing just a different size.

This page should give you enough information to feel confident to use gelatine either at home or commercially.

Please note that the sizes and



10 March 10

Goose Egg on Springstep Dairy Smoked Goats Cheese Potato Rosti

I was harping on about my great find, the Great Garnets Farmers Market a few weeks ago and I have promised to make something rather delightful with the goose eggs and Springstep Dairy’s Smoked Goats cheese. Sunday could not come quick enough as I could not wait to get into the kitchen and cook up a tremendous storm.

Mr.P and I decided to treat ourselves with this delightful breakfast of fried goose eggs on ‘ Springstep Dairy’ smoked goats cheese potato rostis. Breakfast was a team effort, we work well together….. Mr.P makes the mess and I clean up! That’s a bit of a joke, it’s not always the case we have a good healthy synergy and the best dishes normally appear when we are happy, having a laugh and enjoying ourselves doing what we both do best and that is cooking.

We have never had goose eggs before so


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06 March 10

Rhubarb and Custard Pie Pudding

I can draw inspiration from anywhere. I think it’s perhaps my strongest quality and truly beneficial to my career as a chef. It does not matter to whom I speak  or where I eat or shop I can see potential in each and every occasion. I am always looking  to put my own twist and stamp on a recipe as I have my own style and as we all know food and cooking is completely subjective. What works for me might not always work for others, my photography style is unique to me and the British Larder and so is my cooking and recipes. My aim is not to completely destroy classical recipes but to enhance them to suit my style.

Sadly I missed the Wakefield Festival of food, drink and rhubarb on the 26th and 27th of February however I celebrated in my own style by creating this truly


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