14 June 10

How to make Culinary Foams, Air and Espumas

Espuma is the Spanish word for foam or froth and is the descriptive word for a technique developed by Ferran Adrià.

A culinary foam consists of natural flavours such as fruit juices or vegetable purees, soup and stock bases mixed with gelling or stabilising agents such as lecithin, gelatine or natural fats in cream and other dairy produce .This is achieved by the introduction of air by using either a mechanical technique of whipping the fluids with either a hand held immersion blender or extruded through a cream whipper using N2O cartridges.

This technique is not new to us and has been used for many generations such as the making of cappuccinos and the old childhood favourite  for adding a topping to an Ice-cream Sunday. Adrià has taken this 1970′s technique and equipment, refined the philosophy and used the science behind it all to develop the



10 June 10

The British Larder Waldorf Salad

Finally  summer has arrived. Out with stodgy hearty meals and in with light but punchy salads. I love classic recipes and this Waldorf salad is  a good old classic but in the flesh it’s modern, pretty and looks incredibly sexy. Well technically speaking this Waldorf salad has been British Lardered and is not the traditional version.

Instead  I have added a delicious creamy Oxford Blue to the mayonnaise base to add a touch of zing, difference and excitement to this old classic.

Well I never thought that I would ever hear myself saying a Waldorf salad looks sexy but this one does. This salad does not only look fantastic but also tastes wonderful. I have chosen to use Oxford Blue cheese, I like the perfect balance of the creaminess, acid and the fragrance of the blue. You could substitute the Oxford Blue for any creamy blue cheese of your choice,


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06 June 10

Chive and Sea Salt Short Breads with Pickled Pear and Montgomery Air

Coming up with new and interesting ideas for canapés all the time is not easy. The requirements are many and varied, they need to be mainstream, mostly vegetarian, one mouth full, have the wow factor, be tasty, not messy, easy to eat and so the  list goes on and on. I have already started working on canapés for the 2010 party season which commences around November/ December. I know you must think I’m crazy but it’s the only way to manage development timescales. One needs to be one step ahead all the time because before you know it the summer would have come and gone, so to autumn  and then the count down to Christmas.

It might seem as if I wish my life away but what I’m actually doing is being prepared, one step in front and trying to not be stressed when it’s time to show my wares.


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02 June 10

Roasted Woodpigeon Breast with Pickled Morel Mushrooms and Watercress Emulsion

Everyone has probably used the old cliche of ‘ not judging a book by it’s cover’ more than once in their lifetime. I used to cast this judgment on pigeons. I could not  think of them as food! ……my thoughts went from someones pet to…..urghhh they are the flying rats in the City pooping on Nelsons head.

Well seriously we get angry with these birds especially as they raid the freshly sown fields and farmers try their utmost to keep them at bay. I have seen some incredibly funky and clever tricks that farmers use from dangling glimmering old CD’s to a scarecrow or even a fake shotgun sound randomly clapping away at all hours of the day. The truth is  nothing really works. There are too many of them and if you can’t beat it, eat it!

Woodpigoens are delicious and have been a delicacy served on many restaurant


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