19 August 13

Baked Loganberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

Sublime, delicious, tasty, extraordinary… these are words that customers use to describe my cheesecakes. I have a cheesecake for all seasons and this one is my peak summer favourite. I wish I had kept track of how many cheesecakes I have made and sold since I started making them. Let’s put it this way – I have used an awful lot of cream cheese indeed!

My mother loves cheesecake and she usually makes the chilled set type of cheesecake as it’s easy and she does not really like to use the oven – too expensive she says. My saying always used to be, “Mother, if you are going to eat cheesecake it has to be worthwhile, and in my opinion it has to be a baked cheesecake.” She likes to remind me of my words every so often, and I must say after all these years that my opinion still


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04 August 13

Pan-fried Hake with Fennel Confit and Dry Sherry Sauce

Delicious pan-fried hake with crispy golden brown skin and well seasoned with sea salt. Mmmm, that sounds good to me! When we go to restaurants (which I must say does not happen often as we are working most of the time) I like to order fish. We hardly get to eat fish at home as our staff lunches consist of the contents of the fridge, and fish is too expensive for that.

I believe it’s sometimes harder to cook a piece of fish than a piece of meat. The skin has to be crisp and the flesh moist but not under or over cooked. My advice is that the pan must not be too hot, it’s got to be medium-hot so that the skin will crisp beautifully but won’t burn and the flesh will be cooked but not dried out.

Hake brings back fond memories of my earlier days in


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24 July 13


Celebration of Garden Peas

Peas, glorious peas! Such an underrated vegetable, peas are loved by many but equally disliked by others. Mr P and I both love peas and coming up with this recipe, which is very popular at the British Larder Suffolk, was a joy.

Selling this starter is not always an easy task for Kevin, Laura and the team, though. They talk about its deliciousness and hope that people will enjoy it, but when I say goodbye to customers at the end of their visit, I usually get high praise for this particular dish. I think it’s because it’s unusual and also not what people would expect.

I call this a party pleaser, as it’s easy to prepare in advance and feeds a crowd. The pea mousse can be set in metal rings to be unmoulded on the plates, or as we did for a party last week, set the mousse in


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06 July 13

Roasted Strawberry Bavarois with Dandelion and Burdock Jelly

Vanessa, a bright, lively and sparkling lady from New Zealand, who is working with us for a few months, describes this dessert as ‘a fragrant English garden in a glass’. Well, I love her description as I think it’s as accurate as it could possibly be. This dessert is not only pretty to look at, it’s utterly delicious to eat too. The fragrance of the roasted strawberries is wonderful, and the aroma simply makes me smile.

For the strawberry ice cream, I am not following a traditional method of making ice cream. Instead it’s simply made by blending together all the ‘raw’ ingredients and then churning them into ice cream using an ice-cream maker. The reason for not making an egg custard base is because I like the fresh and pure taste of the strawberries in this uncooked version. The ice cream makes a few more scoops than you’ll need


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