18 June 14

Tomato and Red Pepper Gazpacho with Buffalo Mozzarella

You can’t beat a delicious chilled fresh gazpacho. OK, so I know it has been done many times and a few of you might click away from this recipe, but I love gazpacho, so here it is in all its glory and deliciousness.

I think this soup should be made in bucket loads; it should be on tap in the fridge and be served at least twice a day! It’s not only packed with natural goodness, it’s filling, thirst-quenching and tasty, and simply just good for the soul.

This recipe shouts holiday in the sun to me. Sun-ripened tomatoes (especially the heirloom ones that come in all colours) and fresh buffalo mozzarella both contribute to this wonderful recipe, but the true stars are the sautéed red peppers. The sautéing brings out their sweetness and provides real depth of flavour to an otherwise potentially boring old gazpacho recipe.

I hope you


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09 June 14

Roasted Ruby Beetroot Ricotta with Pan-fried Asparagus and Broad Bean Salad

This recipe celebrates early summer and light eating and it is not only pretty to look at but pretty tasty to eat too! I very much enjoy eating and cooking with ricotta as it takes me back to my younger years when I spent a little time in Italy. The taste of fresh ricotta remembered from those happy days still ‘rings in my mouth’ as sound would ring in your ears. The freshness and utter simplicity smacked me right between the eyes. All you needed for a simple lunch or antipasto (before some more spectacular dishes emerged from the kitchen) was a good helping of fresh ricotta, seasoned with salt and pepper, drizzled with good-quality extra virgin olive oil and served with warm crusty bread. Delizioso!!

The ricotta that we buy here in the UK is not quite the same, but it’s perfectly delicious and is good enough for me


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05 June 14

Strawberry and Elderflower Cordial

Elderflowers are absolutely everywhere and when we’re driving along the country lanes I cannot help myself spotting them and constantly saying out loud “Another, and another, wow look at the amount of flowers on that tree!”. I am driving Mr P crazy! The season this year has been phenomenal!

I have been out in force armed with bags and scissors when walking the dogs. I choose the flowers that are higher up in the trees and further into the woods away from any road pollution. It’s very important that you do wash the flowers well, and if you like, you can put a bit of salt and a few drops of Milton sterilising fluid in the cold water when washing them to remove any unwanted wildlife.

I make large quantities of this cordial, then freeze it in smaller quantities in freezer bags and defrost as needed. This way I extend


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22 May 14

Whole Wheat Crackers with Cheese and Medlar Jelly

I’m a fool for cheese and crackers, so add something sweet, such as a medlar jelly, and I’m in heaven. Gosh, I don’t know where to begin writing about the crackers or cheese or the jelly.

Let’s begin with the cheese. I did not make the cheese, even though it’s been a life long ambition of mine. OK, I have dabbled a bit with making butter and making soft fresh curd cheese, but I have never got as far as making a rind- washed or hard cheese. One day perhaps I will when I am old and grey (ha, the joke is on me as I am already grey, but there is still enough life in my old bones to give cheese-making a good go at some point!).

That was short and sweet about the cheese, but actually I should give credit to two of the best Suffolk cheese makers


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