17 October 09


Creamy Parsnip Soup with Red Leg Partridge Sausage Rolls

The game season is now well under way and so is Autumn. It’s a fantastic time of the year especially the combination of game,the earthy root vegetables and the amazing leaf colours in the forest.

We often have hearty soups for dinner with a couple of slices of bread and I must admit this is my choice for a comfort lunch meal. Somehow  it always feels that I can conquer anything after eating a bowl of hearty soup. I made this dish for us for a Saturday lunch and I was pretty pleased with the result. Actually I was more than pleased as these Red Leg Partridge Rolls are the best sausage rolls that I have ever made. They were delicious and made perfect substitute for a half a sandwich.

I roasted the bones from the partridge to make a stock that forms the base of this delicious parsnip soup.


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15 October 09

Quince Crumble

Twice Baked Quince and Hazelnut Crumble with Quince Custard

This is a pretty humble dish in itself  but the kind of dessert  that would be perfect to round off a lovely family Sunday roast with all the trimmings. It’s mid October, the chill is starting to settle in and it’s time to turn the central heating on.

Quinces have a special meaning for me as it reminds me of my childhood. My grandmother used to poach the quinces in a syrup and keep them in big glass jars in the large cold larder. Granny’s  larder was unique, the kind you do not see in homes any longer.In summer and the early autumn months  she used to prepare  poached fruits, jams, pickles, chutneys, air dried meats, biltong and plenty of delicacies for the colder winter months. My grandfather used to have a large plot of land by the house where he tried to grow nearly everything. I remember the tall


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14 October 09


Venison and Butternut Squash Canapes with Fried Quails Eggs

This recipe is another Aldeburgh Food Festival inspired dish and utilises the leftovers from the venison mince that I bought that day. I love the Aldeburgh food festival as it has yet to become too commercialised. I can tell as the locals came very early on Saturday morning with their posh wicker baskets and jute shopping bags and they all left with these full of fantastic locally grown ingredients. I was a bit jealous as I had to drive quite a distance to attend and could not buy any fresh fish or seafood. I’m now thinking of renting a cottage next year so that I can go to the food festival, purchase the fresh produce , and do not have to rush back home. I tried to get a stand at the festival but as I do not live in Suffolk I could not get one, that’s very reassuring and


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13 October 09

Aubergine Soup

Turkish Inspired Aubergine Soup with Dry Toasted Almonds

It’s a sombre grey wet and grim looking day, secretly I’m very pleased that the rain has finally arrived. The forest is dry and my garden is suffering too.

My tomato harvest was pretty good and I managed to make several batches of tomato sauce for the larder and days like today. My aubergine plants have done ok and we  harvested 9 decent size aubergines. It was the first year that I have attempted growing them and I’m pretty chuffed to have this lovely harvest. Aubergines are a funny vegetable and I think you either love or loathe them. I cannot stand having them undercooked as they make the roof of my mouth itch and burn and if the pan is not hot enough they soak up a lot of oil and leave an unpleasant amount of grease in your mouth…have I sold it to you yet?! Only joking, make


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