10 August 09


Roasted Strawberry Scones

This recipe is inspired by Shuna a pastry chef working in London. We do not know Shuna at all, however the fantastic world of Twitter and food blogging has brought us together. Shuna is a food blogger  and created the eggbeater a fun and happy blog.

I find the world wide web fascinating and wonder quite often how I managed without it . Since I started blogging and launched The British Larder I have made contact with the most amazing and interesting people. I could never imagine that this would have ever happened as I am quite shy and find making friends one of the more difficult things in life.

As you say whats on your mind on twitter, I wrote one day asking if anyone had any bright ideas what to do with strawberries. Shuna replied ‘ roasted strawberry scones’; so thank you Shuna this recipe is dedicated to


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08 August 09


Warm Organic Carrots with Puy Lentils and Summer Savoury

My garden has been fruitful this summer. I have now harvested all my carrots, beetroot, spinach, mulberries, radishes, broad beans and peas. The courgettes, onions, garlic and raspberries are still going wild with a fantastic yield. The peppers, borlotti beans and aubergines are starting to show signs of fruits and I’m waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. With four different varieties of tomatoes on the go I should start to think hard and fast of 365 recipes to take advantage of  all the tomatoes.

All in all, a fruitful organic garden feast. A few weeks ago I was tempted to break the rules and use a spray to kill the pest as I could not bear watching the caterpillars and ants destroying my crop. My strawberries suffered and so did my calvonero, ants made their home in half of my broad beans and I was nearly in tears as a


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07 August 09


Stem Ginger Ice Cream

The sticky sweet but strong distinctive flavour of stem ginger is a taste that you either love or loathe.

How amazing is it that your taste, likes and dislikes change as you get older. I  never did really like ginger especially stem ginger, only recently I have started to use ginger  more in my cooking and I am slowly coming round to like stem ginger too!

I’m pretty pleased with this recipe as I enjoy the diced bits of ginger. You get a chewy surprise with every bite, not only does it make the ice cream interesting but it’s like little explosions of ginger with every mouthful. That’s pretty special and exciting for me!

This stem ginger ice cream is perfect eaten on it’s own or to enjoy with a slice of warm sticky toffee pudding….my mouth starts watering again as I’m writing this! What am I like?

I made


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05 August 09


Finger Licking St.Peters Ruby Red Ale Sticky Pork Ribs

The wonderful sweet aroma of caramelised onions is filling the air. In the oven I have pork ribs cooking at 160°C for two and a half  hours  while I’m making a delicious roasted corn on the cob and mixed bean salad.

The sticky ribs were a special request from mum. Unfortunately the weather has not been the best so I had to cook the ribs indoors instead of on the Webber. She was telling me about her friend ‘Aunt ‘ Elise who makes delicious ribs using ginger beer. Deep down I wanted my ribs to be more delicious than ‘Aunt’ Elise’s and hers were superbly good. Sticky sauce round our mouths and Mr.P licking the plate provided a good enough testimonial for me that this dish was a true success.

My secret in cooking ribs successfully is as follows: Invest in the best ingredients that you can afford. Look for


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