14 September 09


Fresh Borlotti Bean, Tiger Prawn and Chorizo Horneado

Eating the produce from my garden this summer has been a wonderful experience. The fruits of our labour are swiftly coming to an end. I harvested the last of the borlotti beans yesterday, there are only a few tomatoes, one courgette, six aubergines and a few blackberries left to be picked.

Oops I nearly forgot about the olives. Yes the two very well looked after olive trees in my garden have  finally borne some fruit. They are tiny and probably worthless but they are all mine!!!

It’s a Friday, late afternoon, mid September and the sun is shining. I have pre-booked two movie tickets to go and see Julie and Julia, I’m excited as the trailer looks hilariously funny and to be honest I need a laugh. All this serious work business and the struggle for survival is taking it’s toll on me. Looking in the mirror I’m horrified, where


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12 September 09


Victoria Plum and Blackberry Frozen Ice Cream Slices

The signs of autumn are in the air. The mornings are crisp and the sun is reluctant to show it’s face. I definitely feel the change in the season as I have to get up at 5 am most mornings, trust me it’s not easy. My body reacts like a spoilt kid in a strop, it just simply does not want to function and for that reason sometimes the actions are delayed, I hope it’s not an actual sign of getting old.

With the crisp autumn mornings comes the fantastic seasonal gifts. I think it’s almost mother natures way of apologising  for the change in temperature. The arrival of the ripe Victoria plum is a treasure and I associate this with the central focus point of a traditional English country garden. Roy has a Victoria plum tree in his beautiful well kept garden and I’m ever so grateful every year


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10 September 09


Mr.Punch and Lady Priscilla’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

All credit for this recipe goes to Kim and Graham, Roy and Linda’s egg suppliers and neighbours. A few weeks ago when we went fruit picking in Dennis’s back yard, we popped in to meet the gang. Graham has built the most beautiful chicken coop and I suddenly wished that I was a chicken living in such a palace of a chicken house.

Walking up to the coop we saw the bantam birds laying their eggs; Priscilla, Lee and Thistle the three old birds were pecking around the garden like ladies at lunch and Mr. Punch was strutting around like he owned the place. It was a fantastic sight and meeting Kim and Graham who are both so passionate about their chickens was a great experience. They were telling us how Mr.Punch was hatched from egg and raised in their sons pyjama pocket. Suddenly I envied him as I think that if I ever could have chosen how I was brought up then this is it. The thought of experiencing the hatching of an egg and giving a characterful bird like Mr.Punch a good home is wonderful and something I think that only a handful of people would experience in life.

I went home armed with a box of fresh eggs and Kim’s lemon drizzle cake recipe. All the way home I tried to persuade Mr.P that we should invest in a chicken coop for our back yard, well the answer was a blunt no as we do not exactly have the space for it.

I had to bake a lemon drizzle cake for a presentation that Mr.P had the following day. I was very pleased that Kim gave me this recipe as it’s easy and super yummy. I baked miniature lemon drizzles but it will make a perfect 1lb loaf.

YouTube Preview Image


I was chatting to Alex on the phone a while back and she was telling me about how she finally perfected her lemon drizzle recipe. A  friend had recommended that she should add a dash of gin to the frosting. So Alex this part of this recipe belongs to you!  I was a bit naughty as I made this slight adjustment to the glaze, I hope Kim will forgive me.


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08 September 09


Crispy Mackerel Wontons

It’s the height of the mackerel season and there is nothing more satisfying than going fishing and coming home with a healthy catch. Mr.P went fishing a few weeks ago and came home with a small haul. As we could not eat them all at once we kept a few of the mackerel in the freezer. They were still stiff from  rigor mortis, that’s how fresh they were. He scaled and gutted the fish, then wrapped them up in freezer bags and popped them in the freezer.

It’s great when you rummage through the freezer and stumble across these fantastic and exciting finds that you have left for a rainy day. Today was one of those hypothetical rainy days, I needed to make supper and the only two different items in the freezer were the wontons and mackerel. We have been eating tomato and courgette surprises for most of the


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