05 September 09


Old Fashioned Jam Tarts

This recipe gives me that lovely and overall warm feeling. It’s simple and easy to make but brings back priceless memories of my Grandmother.

We went to visit her during most of our school holidays and she would have made Hertzogies, which are a traditional South African jam tart topped with coconut meringue. Granny would also have used her own home made apricot jam.

This recipe is not even a spin on grannies coconut topped meringue jam tarts but just a simple old fashioned jam tart made with my own home made greengage jam. I was so impressed with them that I thought that even Mr Kipling would have been proud of them.

I made these jam tarts after a successful day making lots of seasonal fruity delights. I made greengage jam, smooth damson jam, damson and bramble plate pie, a Victoria Plum and Blackberry parfait and


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03 September 09


Healthy Brown Rice and Hemp Seed Salad

Its time for me to focus on eating healthier, it was wonderful having my Mum staying but my poor and carefree eating habits has taken it’s toll. Too many sweet delights and eating meat every day is a bit too much. We are enjoying our vegetarian suppers for a change and have even agreed to a vegetarian soup diet this week. We are not vegetarians but truly appreciate a non meat diet for a change.

This brown rice and hemp salad is one of those dishes which is good for the digestive system. Will Mattier from Vegetarian Express, a very good friend of ours and a devoted vegetarian, gave us a bag of hemp seeds. At first I did not have a clue what I should do with them. I know I wanted to make a salad but that’s where that thought stayed for a few months. I remembered Will


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01 September 09


What To Do with a Glut of Tomatoes

I have been harping on all summer about my fantastic kitchen garden. We have taken full advantage of a small space and grown as many different fruits and vegetables that we could physically fit in.

Mr.P has an affinity for tomatoes and has collected seeds for quite some time, he planted the seeds in April of this year and low and behold we have had tomato plants all over the place. We planted 28 tomato plants in our garden and gave a few seedlings to good homes.

Unfortunately we planted too many in the space we have and did not give the plants enough room to grow and bear fruits to their full potential. Lesson has been learned and we will certainly do things differently next year, that is the beauty of planting and learning as you go along.

Despite all that we have harvested 4kg of ripe tomatoes over


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31 August 09


Greengage Jam

Roy called this week saying that Dennis’s greengages and damsons were ready to be picked. We had finished our chores so we wasted no more time and we departed post haste on Saturday afternoon. After a spot of lunch, we set of with Duke the dog, long clippers, wellington boots, a trug, two baskets, a paint bucket, £1 coin and a empty egg carton and a walking stick. We all laughed at this scene as it did look fairly bizarre. Well you soon learn after a few such journeys visiting the hedgerows and Dennis’s place that you require all these tools to manage to get to the fruits.

It was a lovely afternoon and a very successful one too. We walked away with a a trug filled with elderberries, a wire basked filled with damsons, a basked of greengages and a paint pot full of blackberries. Not bad for a


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