03 October 09


One £10 Chicken, Three Meals – Part One

Sunday Roast with Butternut Squash Anna

Doing the weekly shop has become significantly more expensive and  sometimes  I almost feel forced to purchase meat that has been reared against my principles and beliefs. Take chicken for example you can easily purchase chicken products that have been produced in the Far East without knowing  its origins. However, it should be in the small print on the label, but who has the time to read the labels especially if there is a time constraint, such as car parking. Enough ranting from me now and lets get on with some serious chicken things.

Today I challenged myself to purchase one whole £10 free range UK chicken weighing about 2kg and to make as many dishes as I could for the two of us.

I know it’s going to be easy  as I do this for a living, however the challenge would be on


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30 September 09


Fig and Pine Nut Tart

I feel incredibly privileged to live in Britain, especially close to London as we are the “food  capital” of the world, well that’s my opinion. You can buy nearly anything all year round if you put a bit of effort in to find what your looking for. Sometimes you do not even need to go very far as a large amount of our food is imported from around the globe and sold in the supermarkets. I have been harping on all summer about growing your own fruit and vegetables, making use of the hedgerows and buying local British produce. Today I’m about to stun you! I suppose that I’m in for a lot of criticism with this recipe but it’s so good that I’m willing to take the risk.

Turkish figs are in season right now and they are superb. When I buy figs I will only choose the Turkish


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28 September 09


Harvest Festival on a Plate -Butternut Squash and Hen Egg Salad with Saffron Mayonnaise

This last weekend  we went to the annual Aldeburgh food festival. It has become a family affair and we have been going for the past three years. As Suffolk is a neighbouring county, local and in easy reach and its a place to find interesting regional and locally produced food.

In general it’s a really fun day out as there’s lots to do, the food on offer is good, the shops are excellent, the walk along the reed beds and the whiff in the antiques shop all add to the enjoyment, it is brilliant. This year we were entertained by three Celebrity chef’s giving cookery demonstrations; Mark Hix started of with a version of a Seasonal Suffolk food on a plate followed by Tom Aitkens cooking fish and chips and finally we had the privilege to listen to Fergus Henderson’s beautiful almost poetic views on British food. The crowd


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26 September 09


Sous Vide Belly of Pork with Soy Bean and Udon Stir Fry

Thanks go to James who has kindly reminded me of this sous vide belly of pork dish that I’m always going on about. He called last week in search for the recipe as he was about to cook for a very important guest. Whilst James served this beautifully cooked belly of pork for a high profile dinner.I am home making this for our supper. That’s exactly what I love about this modern approach to cooking. Sous vide cooking is a revelation and I’m incredibly privileged to have all the equipment to hand. It’s not completely out of reach at all, the friendly people from Clifton have teamed up with the British Larder to compile a sous vide package so that you can do this at home.

James and I started talking about cooking the pork belly under pressure and he told me that he  cooked it a few weeks ago


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