26 September 09


Sous Vide Belly of Pork with Soy Bean and Udon Stir Fry

Thanks go to James who has kindly reminded me of this sous vide belly of pork dish that I’m always going on about. He called last week in search for the recipe as he was about to cook for a very important guest. Whilst James served this beautifully cooked belly of pork for a high profile dinner.I am home making this for our supper. That’s exactly what I love about this modern approach to cooking. Sous vide cooking is a revelation and I’m incredibly privileged to have all the equipment to hand. It’s not completely out of reach at all, the friendly people from Clifton have teamed up with the British Larder to compile a sous vide package so that you can do this at home.

James and I started talking about cooking the pork belly under pressure and he told me that he  cooked it a few weeks ago


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24 September 09


Classic Tart Tatin with Velvety Crème Anglaise

I’m known as the Queen of Tart Tatins….even if I have to say so myself!

I’m looking for perfection when it comes to this classic dish and these are the three things I’m looking for in a prefect tart tatin:

1. I’m looking for the perfect fruit with a firm texture but a sharp taste; a fruit that can stand the heat in the caramel without collapsing, disintegrating or losing it’s taste.

2. A deep rich and perfect caramel. A  light coloured caramel does not do it for me as it does not deliver on taste nor  looks.

3. Then last but not least the pastry has to be cooked! A crisp and flaky pastry is a absolute must.

This recipe is dedicated to a two friends Alex and Dominique as they encouraged me to do a tatin masterclass at work. It was three years ago….wow time flies! Dom now


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22 September 09


Classic Beef Wellington

The classic Beef Wellington, what a stunner of a dish! It’s almost like a complete meal as you have the carbohydrate, protein, sauce and vegetable all in one, I think this makes a party pretty special.

I suppose that some people may beg to differ and argue that the classic Beef Wellington should be large and then ceremoniously carved in a spectacular manner at the dinner table.

I have chosen to make individual ones as I do not like the mess associated with carving the Wellington into portions. I also dislike cold food and believe once it’s served it should be enjoyed immediately.

It’s not completely clear exactly where the Beef Wellington originated from, some says it’s a borrowed and recreated dish from the French “filet de bœuf en croûte“. It does not really matter as it’s spectacular and is bound to be the talking point of any


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20 September 09


Pan-fried Chicken Livers and Cobnuts on Toast

This is what I call a typical wholesome autumn breakfast/brunch dish. Perfect on Sunday morning after nipping out to buy the paper, hopping over the frosty front lawn and in need of a bit of a boost to start the day.

Chicken livers are something I do not mind using in my cooking, for example making a pate or whisking into a delectable ragu to give it that creamy edge. However its not the kind of ingredient that I would have choosen to cook and eat until now….Wow something must have come over me!

Last week I received a bag of cobnuts and unusual English apples from a friend. I trotted off to our local “posh”supermarket with a kind of an idea of what I would like to cook. I knew I wanted to make a warm salad type dish using the cobnuts and apples and originally had pigeon in


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