27 April 09


Chocolate Salami

It’s just a little bit of fun!

There is no raw meat and no baking involved. It’s a fairly simple recipe and I’m sure you would have tried something similar at one or other stage of your life.

The only difference is the novel serving suggestion and then the name of course.

A few years ago my boss brought chocolate salami back from Portugal. I thought it was wonderful, very clever and something I had not seen before.

The flavour and ingredients reminded me of a treat that my mum used to make for me when I was a child. So I thought why not use that old recipe and give it a gently face-lift.

A year ago I bought a old fashioned meat-safe that Ross’s dad had carefully restored for us, I use this meat-safe to display my novel chocolaty salami in, it makes people smile!

It’s a brilliant talking point after dinner, when you bring out the chopping board and carving knife and let the diners help themselves to a slice of chocolate salami with their coffees.

16th November 2009

The chocolate salami idea and recipe was a great hit with a lot of regular British Larder readers. All credit for this video goes to Helene now blogging from her kitchen at http://ThermomixBimby.com based in Canada.

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24 April 09


White Onion and Pecorino Tarts

Onions in general are one of my favourite vegetables. I love all the different varieties and seldom cook without onions. I love the natural sweetness and flavour trapped in each variety.

White onions have the sweet and mellow edge.

They make outstanding soups packed with amazing flavour. As spring is in full bud I thought a white onion and pecorino tart would be more appropriate.

The sharp salty pecorino complements the sweet mellowness of the white onion, this combination works a treat.

I have made small individual tarts as they add a finishing touch to the other dishes on the table.

This savoury short crust pastry recipe is another trusty old friend.  I double the recipe, divide the pastry in pieces and freeze the portion that I did not need on the day.

Personally I cannot stand egg custards tarts that taste of over cooked scramble eggs. For that reason


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22 April 09


Restaurant Sat Bains presents Beef Cheeks, Seaweed, Oyster, Sprouts and Radish

Last year,for my birthday, Ross took me to Nottingham to stay and dine at the Restaurant Sat Bains. We were given one of the beautifully furnished and very comfortable rooms. The meal was memorable and we even managed to get a glimpse of the small but perfectly managed kitchen.

It was a brilliant experience from the moment we arrived.We found the chefs in the hedgerows harvesting the seasons delights for inclusion in the meals all the way through to the next mornings carefully prepared breakfast. We left the Restaurant Sat Bains very satisfied, well rested and well fed.

The memory stayed with us and it remains one of our favourites and is thoroughly recommended as a perfect restaurant.

A few weeks ago our paths crossed again this time on facebook. I summoned all my courage to contact Sat Bains.  To my delight Sat invited us to meet him


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20 April 09


Date and Earl Grey Tea Madeleines with Muscavado Dip

I love Madeleines and always call them mini Me’s. Fabien my pastry chef friend always makes lemon Madeleines for me as a little treat.

I’m pretty pleased with this date and Earl Grey Tea Madeleine recipe as it combines ingredients I really like.

These Madeleines are light, soft, packed with flavour and look absolutely amazing. They definitely say eat me especially with the addition of the Muscavado dip.

I thought the Earl Grey tea infusion is a pretty neat idea; it does not dominate the flavour but contributes to the earthy rounded fragrance and flavour of the dates. It’s better than using water only.

These date and Earls Grey Tea Madeleines makes a cup of Earl Grey Tea in the afternoon even more special.



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