11 May 09


Sesame Toasted Basmati Rice and Broad Bean Salad

Believe it or not I have already purchased new season broad beans from Borough market this week.

I was amazed to have found them. I immediately enquired where they came from and I was told that they were English. Well shall I give the chap the benefit of the doubt?

My broad bean plants are standing tall and proud in the grow bag. I have had to stake them as some of the plants are 30cm tall. I’m excited, as I know I will have a healthy crop of fresh broadbeans to gorge on.

This recipe in fact is dedicated to Elsam an Egyptian chef that works with Ross. His cooking is amazing and he is quite happy to pass onto Ross any new techniques or quirky little ideas.

The technique of toasting half the rice in the sesame oil makes this rice dish special and gives it a complety


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09 May 09


Slow Cooked Hens Eggs with Crispy Bread Sticks

The perfect breakfast to savour on a bright Sunday morning with the morning paper and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. What better way is there to start the day?

Have you ever dared to cook your hen’s eggs for 45 minutes? Perhaps not and I could guess that these words might have just frightened the life out of you….

A few years ago we watched the Great British Menu and Michelin star chef Sat Bains cooked duck’s eggs in the water bath for 55 minutes. So I tried it, but this time I used hen’s eggs.

I cooked the eggs for 45 minutes at 63°C and then gently cracked the shell. The egg was perfectly cooked but it had the appearance of a poached egg.

The benefit of cooking eggs this way is the intensity of flavour that is provided. The egg white sets like a jelly without being


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06 May 09


Grilled Madras Razor Clams with Sautéed Rainbow Chard and Cornish New Potatoes

I have a lot of love for Borough market and make a point of visiting regularly. My obsession has got to the point that I make a checklist of things to buy, not dissimilar to a shopping list. Now I know that does sound unusual but I do live some distance from the market and its not like I’m doing my local weekly shop.

Last week I set off with a cool box in the back of the car as I had noted on my list to look for something fishy like scallops. The funniest thing of all is that once I got to the market I could not make up my mind and even though I had written scallops on my list I ended up with razor clams and baby squid.

I had received a box of seasonal veggies from the market packed with the new seasons bright colours


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04 May 09


Restaurant Sat Bains, Organic Salmon, Miso Caramel, Nettle Juice

There is no place like home! My place is in the kitchen. I like eating in restaurants and enjoying the beauty of a well designed dining room but when given the chance to see the kitchen only then do I feel like I’m at home.

When we had the opportunity to visit Sat Bains at his Nottingham Restaurant a few weeks ago we were delighted. Even more so when we managed to spend a few hours in the kitchen.

It’s immaculate and well presented.

The kitchen is truly bespoke; every shelf and every table is in the right place for its specific  function. Then we saw the cooker.

Cooker is perhaps not the right descriptive word for this state of the art well designed piece of engineering. Sat told us that the chap, who designed the cooker,immersed himself in the kitchen to fully understand what was required. It’s brilliant!



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