06 March 09


Ham and Egg Salad

Eggs, ham and chips is one combo that makes Ross a very happy man. As my digestive system does not appreciate this combination I took the challenge to refine Ross’s dish to a level that we both are happy with. I ignored the chips and replaced it with a velvety avocado cream, far more grown up! The soft-boiled egg with a golden liquid yolk is the main feature of this elegant but truly traditional combination. I have put a slight twist on the tradition and have chosen Parma ham and I have added a velvety green avocado cream to round the dish of. The combinations are truly magnificent and it does not matter how many times you make this dish, it will guarantee  satisfaction time after time.

We love making this dish for lunch and enjoy it with a crisp glass of Gewurztraminer. Ross has always had this dream of


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05 March 09


Silky Butternut Squash and Parmesan Soup

The vibrant  bright yellow colour of this silky butternut squash and Parmesan soup is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, especially on a cold and grey winters day.

It does remind me of the days when I worked in a restaurant. Staff lunch was far from a glamorous occasion. If you were lucky, a couple of yesterdays bread rolls with a bit of cheese would make it on to the menu along with the left over pumpkin and Parmesan soup from the day before. We made the soup fresh everyday so the staff were able to enjoy this fragrant and silky soup for lunch. I loved it then and I still love it today.

I have used butternut squash for this recipe, as we had just harvested our first crop. As novice gardeners we tried to grow a few vegetables. I had bought a butternut squash from the


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04 March 09


Sautéed Wild Salmon with Macerated Beetroot

I can only describe this dish as healthy and sophisticated. The nuttiness of the wholesome pearl barley salad complements the fresh wild salmon. To add to the earthy taste I have added macerated beetroot. This dish is perfect to be served as a starter or as a light lunch.

John Campbell has been a great inspiration to me in my cooking, he is the voice of reason.  I have spent a few days in Johns kitchen, we discussed lots of methods and techniques and this method of curing the fish before cooking was one of them. By curing the salmon in a solution of salt and sugar it draws the water from the salmon and tightens the flesh. The flesh of the salmon sticks together and does not fall apart when cooking. I use this method every time I prepare fish for cooking, just as John has taught me.



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03 March 09


Coq-Au-Vin with Parsnip Cream

Coq-au-vin is an old classic and one of my favourites. The beauty about this  dish is that it can be cooked in so many ways and  presented in various styles ranging from a  fine dining extravaganza  through to a homely winter warming dish.

I have cooked the chicken legs and the parsnips in the water bath. The flavours are unbelievably intense. I have chosen free range chicken legs for this Coq-au-vin dish, as the brown meat carries a lot of flavour. Cooking the legs in the water bath ensures the meat becomes  tender,melt in the mouth, with a incredible amount of flavour.

This recipe might seem to be fairly complicated but once tried you will be hooked for life.


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