19 April 09


Curly Kale and Mung Bean Slaw

I have eaten and made lots of coleslaw in my life but so far have not made cabbage taste so good as this recipe. I’m pretty pleased with myself. I love this recipe for many reasons. One because it’s inexpensive, two you get literally a bucket load, three it’s healthy and classed as a super food and four it’s just simply brilliant!

I make this recipe if I need to feed a lot of people and am not quite sure about everyone’s taste.

This dish goes with a lot of eating occasions such as a BBQ, hot or cold buffet or even a lovely roast. I made this slaw on Sunday to accompany  quarter roast chickens and a sesame toasted rice salad ,it got the thumbs up around the table.

I have selected four different kinds of cabbage for this recipe. Curly Kale is in season at the moment and


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16 April 09


Wild Garlic and Goats Cheese Frittata

Driving through the Cotswolds  the smell of wild garlic smacks you in the face. I have this love hate relationship with wild garlic. It reminds me of the days when I worked in a London restaurant and at this time of the year a Saturday lunch special used to be Wild garlic and Sorrel Omelette. The smell of the wild garlic was so strong and as I had to inhale it for such a long period of time it made me feel sick. However now it’s the bearer of good news and it firmly reminds me summer is on its way.

Wild garlic can be very polarising but if you use it in the right way it can be lovely.

I used the wild garlic today with one very strong and very sloppy goats cheese. On Good Friday I went to London to meet Rhuaridh Buchanan of Paxton & Whitfield.


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13 April 09


Crispy Quack Eggs with Radish Mayonnaise

The inspiration for this dish came from Stephen Williams,the chef at the Harwood Arms. We went there last week to take photos of the pub and Stephen served up some amazing food. Amongst his array of dishes was a venison Scotch egg. It was delicious and we thought it was ingenious.

Inspired by Stephen recipes,we decided to use quails eggs and slow cooked duck legs, so the name quack eggs was born. We had a giggle and hope that you will find it funny too.

I cooked the duck legs in the water bath for 8 hours, flaked the meat and made a freshly ground aromatic five spice blend to flavour the duck meat.

The radish mayonnaise is also a true delight. I found fresh horseradish and breakfast radishes at our local farmers market on Saturday morning. I made a horseradish mayonnaise in the thermomix using grain mustard and


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10 April 09


Soufflé Orange Tapioca Cream

I was horrified to hear the  negative comments from the general public on tapioca pudding.

Last week I was doing a cooking demonstration to a group of ladies who all remember the original Ministry of Food recipes during World War Two. They described tapioca pudding as stodgy and typical of school dinners.

My experience is the complete opposite. My mother used to love making a baked tapioca pudding for us. She did not like cooking much but baking was her forte.

I remember the tapioca pudding emerging out of the oven like a big fluffy pillow, all puffed up with a sumptuous creamy centre. The sweet smell of caramelising meringue used to hang in the air, and I was really naughty and pinched the caramelised crusty bits.

For that reason I have made these as individual puddings, so each person gets their own crusty bits. Mum told me that she


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