04 May 09


Restaurant Sat Bains, Organic Salmon, Miso Caramel, Nettle Juice

There is no place like home! My place is in the kitchen. I like eating in restaurants and enjoying the beauty of a well designed dining room but when given the chance to see the kitchen only then do I feel like I’m at home.

When we had the opportunity to visit Sat Bains at his Nottingham Restaurant a few weeks ago we were delighted. Even more so when we managed to spend a few hours in the kitchen.

It’s immaculate and well presented.

The kitchen is truly bespoke; every shelf and every table is in the right place for its specific  function. Then we saw the cooker.

Cooker is perhaps not the right descriptive word for this state of the art well designed piece of engineering. Sat told us that the chap, who designed the cooker,immersed himself in the kitchen to fully understand what was required. It’s brilliant!



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30 April 09


New Season English Asparagus, Salt & Pepper Roll, Sauce Gribiche

On Friday morning I received a box with amazing looking seasonal vegetables. It was a real treat for me to discover two bunches of the finest looking English asparagus from Norfolk. I loved the way the bunches were proudly wrapped with the farmers name and address. The sense of pride in his produce was obvious and all I wanted was to match this by creating the perfect dish.

I love asparagus but never had the patience to grow them myself. It takes a lot of care and attention and you will only be able to harvest them after the second year.

Working in restaurants for many years you get used to having asparagus all year round. Some chefs do not care if it is imported from Peru or grown down the road. I do care and it’s very important that we support our local farmers.

There is no better way


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29 April 09


English Garden and Giant Pearled Couscous Salad

When   Garden or chopped  salads are listed on a menu the words are vague enough to mean anything. It could convey  that it includes minimal ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce or could be a full-blown multi-ingredient offering. This terminology winds me up!

I have a passion for making brilliant tasty and good-looking salads. This passion is backed up by me creating a salad that matches the look and tastes of the ingredients . When I make a salad it should have plenty of goodies that makes it worthy of being on my plate.

Now to address the issue of the word “garden salad”; in this context I want it to be seasonal and packed with goodies from the garden.

Last week at work I made such a salad. In the ensuing discussion on the name of the dish, one of the chaps said it’s such an 80’s description. My


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27 April 09


Chocolate Salami

It’s just a little bit of fun!

There is no raw meat and no baking involved. It’s a fairly simple recipe and I’m sure you would have tried something similar at one or other stage of your life.

The only difference is the novel serving suggestion and then the name of course.

A few years ago my boss brought chocolate salami back from Portugal. I thought it was wonderful, very clever and something I had not seen before.

The flavour and ingredients reminded me of a treat that my mum used to make for me when I was a child. So I thought why not use that old recipe and give it a gently face-lift.

A year ago I bought a old fashioned meat-safe that Ross’s dad had carefully restored for us, I use this meat-safe to display my novel chocolaty salami in, it makes people smile!

It’s a brilliant talking point after dinner, when you bring out the chopping board and carving knife and let the diners help themselves to a slice of chocolate salami with their coffees.

16th November 2009

The chocolate salami idea and recipe was a great hit with a lot of regular British Larder readers. All credit for this video goes to Helene now blogging from her kitchen at http://ThermomixBimby.com based in Canada.

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