01 April 09


Giant Cocoa and Cinnamon Meringues

These giant meringues take me back to the Millennium when I lived in Fulham. Most Sunday mornings I used to walk down Fulham Road towards Sloane Square to have breakfast at Baker and Spice.

I loved the atmosphere with the big rustic wooden table in the middle of the room,surrounded by the windowsills stacked with all sorts of mouth-watering delights. Amongst the display were giant meringues. I often bought one and nibbled it as I walked back home. Lovely memories.

The Baker and Spice inspired me to have a go at making these huge joyful fluffy pillows of sugary eggy air laced with bitter cocoa and cinnamon.

They are still one of my weaknesses, just like the good old days. They are just simply yummy!

Eat them when you are on your own as they do make a bit of a mess and you do look slightly silly with cocoa


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30 March 09


Warm Ginger, Tamarind and Lime Flu Beater

I’m feeling pretty rotten this week. I have been struck down with the dreaded flu for four days and cannot stand it much longer.

My mum was kind enough to tell me about her best friends recipe for a drink that she makes to cure the flu.

‘Aunt’ Elises’ advice was to heat ginger beer mixed with two disprins, a shot of brandy and a squeeze of lemon.

I managed to drag myself out of the house to get the ingredients and I felt much better doing so.

It did tinker with the recipe. I made a cordial infused with the tamarind, vanilla, ginger and lime. When I was ready for my potion I heated the ginger beer, stirred in some of the cordial to taste and served it up with freshly sliced ginger, mint and lime. It worked a treat; the fresh ginger helped clear my head and the


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29 March 09


Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb, Greek Style Salad and Warm Lamb Vinaigrette

Shoulder of lamb is level pegging with belly of pork when it comes to my favourite meat rankings. I simply love the flavour of the shoulder when cooked slowly for 24 hours at 63°C. It’s simply just delicious and melts in the mouth.

For Mother’s day this year we cooked the shoulder in the water bath for 24 hours, then crisped the fat under the grill. It was served alongside crispy, duck fat roasted potatoes and a very cheesy cauliflower mash. Mmm I’m still dreaming of that meal, as it was utterly good!

My speciality used to be confit shoulder of lamb cooked for 3 – 4 hours in duck fat then turned in to the ultimate shepherds pie or lasagne. I think this one should now take its place.

As spring’s approaching and we see  the little lambs grazing the fields, my brain starts to work overtime thinking about


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27 March 09


Date Slice with Earl Grey Tea Bananas and Stem Ginger Ice Cream

Sticky toffee pudding is as British as British could be.

I have eaten many sticky toffee puddings in my lifetime and have found that more than once the texture is heavy, gloopy and the sweetness nearly suffocates you. Not this little beauty!

I have been making this particular recipe for a few years and love the light airy texture.

I change the presentation from time to time to keep it interesting.

The combination of bananas, Earl Grey Tea and Stem Ginger might sound very confusing but it adds to the sophistication of this traditional old time favourite.

I serve these in small portions as I  feel too much of a good thing can destroy the effect. It needs to be just enough for your guest to want to lick the plate and look for more but not suffer the sickly sweet feeling.

I have used the Thermomix to make the


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