20 March 09


Buttermilk Pudding with Blood Oranges

When I received an invitation to spend a morning in the pastry section of Rocco Forte’s Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair with head pastry chef Fabien Ecuvillon I was delighted. Fabien is a very good friend of mine; we have known each other for sometime. I like to listen to Fabien as he knows what he’s talking about and I know that I will learn a thing or two.
While I was there Tony has turned out 360 miniature scones for the afternoon tea. Vernon baked a few apple cheesecakes and made a batch of individual Yorkshire Rhubarb pies.  The rest was a blur as they all move so fast, I have about 300 blurry photos of them all dashing about. I had a great morning and felt privileged to be there, as I have not been in a pastry kitchen of that calibre for quite some time.

Fabien has made


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18 March 09


Farmhouse White Loaf

Baking bread is nothing new to me. My aunt lives on a farm and bakes bread everyday. As a child I loved visiting the farm, one of the very familiar aromas on the farm was the freshly baked bread.

My mother and uncle used to flip coins to decide who should have the crusty first slice of the warm baked bread. It used to make us laugh as mum used to get quite upset if she did not win . Those where the good old days with pleasurable memories.

In January of this year I went to Bath to participate in a one day bread baking course at The Bertinet Kitchen. After watching a video clip on the Internet of Richard Bertinet passionately demonstrating how bread should be baked, I thought that I could learn a thing or two from this master baker. Yes I was right, Richard is full


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17 March 09


Saffron Clam and Corn Chowder

I love spring, today is a bright and sunny day, a bit chilly but its great as long as its sunny. I even noticed the daffodils popping up everywhere. The signs of spring signify the awakening of a new year and makes me happy. As a small celebratory token I made this delicious saffron clam and corn chowder.

The name is a bit clunky and you perhaps expect a chunky broth; but I thought why not tame the butch name with this elegant and dainty version. It’s a pretty dish, perfect as a starter for mothers day.

This pretty saffron clam and corn chowder reminds me of the daffodils standing proud under the trees on the village green. It’s not just pleasurable to the eye as the corn soup is packed with flavour and nicely finished with a tiny kiss of saffron. I also love the textures the crispness of


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15 March 09


Plum Tart Tatin with Mulled Plum Sorbet

Making tart tatin used to be my “party piece”. I love the wow factor which I still get  after all these years. It’s a warm fussy feeling and a sense of achievement that I get every time I make this dessert.

This mulled plum tart tatin is anything but the original apple recipe developed accidentally by one of the Tatin sisters. She baked a apple tart as normal but forgot that it was in the oven, consequently it burned. The rumor is that she did not want to throw it away and from then onwards we have Tart Tatin! I am so glad that she burnt the apple tart, as I love this glorious sweet, sticky fruit and pastry combination.

My method of making this delicious recipe is different from the traditional way. The dark brown sugar and the plums add to the intense, rich aromatic and rather seductive fragrance


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