02 March 09


Maple Glazed Parsnip and Israeli Couscous Salad

The vibrant colour of this maple glazed parsnip and Israeli couscous salad attracts a lot of attention around the dinner table. Israeli couscous might be an unusual ingredient for some of you. It was created in Israel as a wheat based substitute for rice during times when rice and coucous were in short supply. Couscous is made from semolina where as Israeli couscous is made from hard wheat that has been roasted.

Cook Israeli couscous just like pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. I add a pinch of turmeric to stain the pearls bright yellow so it looks attractive in a salad. The Assam tea soaked raisins give this side dish a interesting dimension. This salad is perfect to be served either as a main meal, light lunch or as a side dish hot or cold. I like to serve this salad with honey glazed gammon, I deliberately make


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02 March 09


Sticky Orange Cake with Natural Yogurt Topping

This Sticky Orange Cake with Natural Yoghurt Topping is a tribute to my very good friend Fabien. Fabien is an outstanding pastry chef and the two of us certainly have one thing in common and that is striving for perfection. I owe Fabien a big thanks, as he taught me a lot about the art of pastry. This sticky orange cake recipe is one of the first of Fabien’s delights that I had the privilege of tasting. He’s naturally protective over his recipes so I am honoured to have this one.

The ingredients make this cake unique. Using  whole boiled oranges gives this cake it’s sticky dense characteristic and ultimate orange punch. The yoghurt topping garnished with pomegranate seed, pistachio nuts and freshly grated orange zest complements the moist deliciousness of the cake.


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01 March 09


The Ultimate Cottage Pie

The inspiration for this dish came from my very first couple of weeks working in contract catering. At first, the change  from restaurants to the contract catering world was fierce as I was facing challenges that I had no time to think about. I had clients that wanted simple classical food cooked well. The first request was for shepherds pie. As I love a challenge I thought about the food that I had been taught to cook in the restaurants.Shepherds pie was outstanding as I used shoulder of lamb that I confit in duck fat for 5 hours.The clients could not stop talking about it as I made shepherds pie super posh and super delicious.

I used the inspiration of that dish to develop the ultimate cottage pie recipe. With this meal I use shin of beef ,instead of mince, and I braise the meat slowly for a long period


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01 March 09


Garden Pea Soup

For years it has always been a hassle and a half to make a successful and vibrant green Garden Pea Soup. It does not matter if you use fresh or frozen peas, the problem is that the peas turn yellow if you over cook the soup and do not move fast enough to blend, pass and cool the soup. At the restaurant my workstation use to be crowded with as many ice buckets as I could lay my hands on to ensure a green soup.

All of that was hard work and has put me off from making pea soup. Until  I found a method and a piece of machinery that solved all my problems and the best of all is that it takes a third of the time to make. This Garden Pea Soup is a fantastic recipe to have at hand, as it could be made incredibly quickly


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