09 March 09


Flame-Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Eel and Shiso

When Brett Graham invited me to visit him at the Ledbury in Notting Hill to share one of his signature dishes , I was truly honoured and incredibly excited.

Brett cooked for me his famous Flamed-Grilled Mackerel with smoked Eel and Shiso. It’s delicious and a beautiful dish with lots of delicious components.

Brett talks with passion about game, his most favourite seasonal ingredient. He told me about his recent hunting experiences. Brett bakes the best end of roe dear in hay and serves it with root vegetables, parsley and chervil roots. It sounds delicious as he describes to me the smokey flavour of the best end, my mouth starts to water, as I can only imagine how delicious this dish must be.
I enjoyed talking food with Brett, I can see in his eyes that he is a food fanatic and lives for his career. Well one should


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09 March 09


Pot Roast Pork Belly

I love pork and only buy British pork. It does make me angry when I see supermarkets stocking pork from alternative origins. I can’t understand the reasoning behind it as the British pig farmers are struggling. The simplicity of this recipe is in complete contrast to some of the others featured on the British Larder, however this recipe is my contribution to Jamie’s request to pledge our support and save our bacon.

Pork belly is one of my favourite cuts. The secret is to cook pork belly well which means that it must be cooked for a long period of time at a low temperature to ensure that it’s tender and melts in the mouth.

I would definitely classify this a weekend dish as it requires time to cook but is definitely worth the wait. By cooking the belly in wine you have tasty gravy with the deliciously tender


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08 March 09

Hestons Victorian Feast, Absinthe Jelly

I have not had such a good laugh in ages! Thank you Heston it was fantastic!

There are a few ‘cringey’ type moments but its well worth the viewing.

Slightly erotic, I have not seen three grown men giggling so much in all my life!

Heston is a true inspiration to me. He really believe in what he’s doing and he enjoys himself at the same time, it’s brilliant.

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08 March 09


Crispy Celeriac Gnocchi with Watercress Cream

Making Gnocchi like an Italian mama is an art in itself. I have gone one step further and used celeriac instead of traditional potatoes. I guess that the Italian Mamas will never forgive me! Ross has been the king of gnocchi making in our household and while on holiday he has shown me the tricks and art of making gnocchi. This dish is a real show stopper, perfect to show off or to impress.

Ross did modify the techniques and use the Thermomix for making the sauce and to puree the celeriac. Personally I like the gnocchi best when it’s cooked twice, once blanched in boiling water and then the second time pan-fried until it crisps into fluffy pillows. The rich watercress cream complements the crispy pillows of celeriac gnocchi perfectly as the buttery peppery sauce highlights the nutty flavour of the celeriac. This dish is ideal as a starter


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