26 February 09


Conference Pears Under Pressure

The inspiration for this recipe came from the book ‘ Under Pressure’ by Thomas Keller. I love this recipe for many reasons, one of which is that the pears do not need to be cooked. The vacuuming breaks the pears down and gives the illusion of poached pears.

Brilliant, it’s an ingenues method as you preserve the fresh flavour of the pears. There is no need to add lemon juice as the vacuum removes the oxygen and therefore prevents the pears from oxidising.

It’s perhaps unorthodox but I believe this is a revolutionary way forward! It works with all fruits and vegetables that oxidise such as artichokes, apples, salsify etc….


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25 February 09


Bite Size Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

Doughnuts could be described as devils food; you simply just can’t get enough of them. Or shall I say that’s my excuse!

As these Bite size cinnamon sugar doughnuts  limit themselves to only a third or fourth mouthful, it makes you feel less guilty.

These ones do not have any filling as I  serve them with an Airy Hot Chocolate Drink, delicious!

If you would like to fill them you can use a syringe to inject a tasty surprise into your bite size cinnamon sugar doughnuts. I suggest trying homemade Raspberry Jam or a smidgen of Russet Apple Compote or the ever so naughty Quince Curd.


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24 February 09


Quince Brule Tarts

Quinces were introduced to Britain during the late 16th century from the Mediterranean. It made its appearance at the end of a large banquet, as it  helped with the digestion and kept the diners regular. Well that is a bit of history and it makes me giggle.

I have far more fond memories of this perfumed and fragrant fruit ,as my grandmother use to poach and bottle the quinces for the winter months. My grandmother had a huge cool larder ,with floor to ceiling cupboards with glass doors. I remember seeing these light pink fruits sitting in their sweet syrup and Grandmother would open a jar or two after Sunday lunch.She would serve them warm with thick sweet custard. I use to rub the soft poached quince against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, as I liked the unique grainy texture with the fragrant perfumed aroma.

I’m pretty


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23 February 09


Banana and Date Loaf

Inhale a deep breath of air; the aroma of freshly baked Banana and Date Loaf caresses your nose and all your senses. My mouth starts to water and the memories come flooding back as if it was yesterday. I have wonderful memories of my mother baking this Banana and Date loaf. I always speculated that she secretly detested cooking for us but she loved baking. It offered her a sense of therapy and an opportunity to escape the day-to-day grind. We never let the loaf go to waste as we where like vultures waiting for it to come out of the oven. While it was still hot we would start to slice it and enjoy this incredibly delicious and fragrant creation. I normally ended up with a sore tummy; mum did say do not eat warm cake, but I never listened.

Today I did it again, started gorging on the


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