Drink Recipes

Strawberry and Elderflower Cordial

Elderflowers are absolutely everywhere and when we’re driving along the country lanes I cannot help myself spotting them and constantly saying out loud “Another, and another, wow look at the …


Rescue Remedy; Oaty, Peach and Pear Smoothie

Right I’m ready for the new decade! Christmas and New Year have gone and there is no more reason to indulge in the unhealthy foods. My body feels a bit …


Apple Snowball

There is a serious chill in the air and if the weather carries on like this we might just have a snow flurry or two on Christmas day. This apple …


Home Made Blackcurrant Cordial

For some strange reason I can’t drink neat water so I always need to flavour the water with something slightly sweet and tasty. After another trip to the local PYO …


Gooseberry Ginger Ale, Memories of My Grandmother

Last week we went to Cammas Hall Farm to pick strawberries and gooseberries. Once we got home it was all systems go and we were fired up to make as …


Elderflower Cordial

I have been on the elderflower watch for a few weeks and finally this week they were in full bloom. There were a few bushes by the road side with …


Loquat Iced Tea Smoothie

When I received loquats in the  box of wonderful inspirational goodies last week I could hardly contain my excitement. Loquats ,also known as nispero fruits, are medium size oval-round milky …


Marshmallow, Cardamom and Bitter Chocolate Naughty Dunkers

These marshmallow, cardamom and bitter chocolate naughty dunkers are a bit of fun! It’s very simple and easy to make, but the guilty pleasure it provides is irresistible.

I dunk …


Warm Ginger, Tamarind and Lime Flu Beater

I’m feeling pretty rotten this week. I have been struck down with the dreaded flu for four days and cannot stand it much longer.

My mum was kind enough to …


White Hot Chocolate Espuma with The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

I had been asked to help out with a canapé function a couple of weeks ago. I got all excited, as I wanted to make Catharine’s ultimate very chocolaty brownies