Vegetarian Recipes


Elderflower and English Wine Jelly

The short elderflower season is drawing to an end.

I’m feeling a bit sad as it means that this wonderful gift from Mother Nature is not going to be around …


Gills Baked Gooseberry and Ginger Nut Cheesecake

Dear Gill,

A big apology for not replying to your letter and saying thank you for sharing this remarkable recipe with us. Your cheesecake recipe will be one that I …


Confit Carrot Arancini Canapes with Roasted Carrot Houmous

Congratulations to Maria Elia for writing The Modern Vegetarian cookbook. It’s beautiful and truly outstanding. A few weeks ago I went to a cooking demonstration hosted by Maria to …


Baked Cherry and Almond Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

I have had a serious love affair with cherries since I was a little girl. I remember that the cherry season in South Africa is around Christmas time and how …


Elderflower Cordial

I have been on the elderflower watch for a few weeks and finally this week they were in full bloom. There were a few bushes by the road side with …


Early Hertfordshire Pea and Feta Crush

It’s Saturday morning and the high street is buzzing with lots of people going about  their normal Saturday business.  I was dashing about to complete all the tasks on my …


Loquat Iced Tea Smoothie

When I received loquats in the  box of wonderful inspirational goodies last week I could hardly contain my excitement. Loquats ,also known as nispero fruits, are medium size oval-round milky …


Lime, Almond and Strawberry Chutney

When Richard phoned and asked me to make one kilo of strawberry chutney, I was confused and slightly sceptical.

Wow was my scepticism put to bed once I got started. …


Wild Asparagus and Opal Basil Risotto with Chilled Green Tomato Jelly

I love the textures and flavours of this dish. The cold fragrant tomato jelly against the warm carnaroli risotto pearls laced with the highly perfumed opal basil. It’s simply a …


Cookies for Nanette; Planning for Our Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

This recipe has been  specially developed, designed and made for Nanette aka Gourmet Worrier. I have only recently met Nanette via the internet, however it feels as if we …

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