Main Course Recipes


Classic Beef Wellington

The classic Beef Wellington, what a stunner of a dish! It’s almost like a complete meal as you have the carbohydrate, protein, sauce and vegetable all in one, I think …


Fresh Borlotti Bean, Tiger Prawn and Chorizo Horneado

Eating the produce from my garden this summer has been a wonderful experience. The fruits of our labour are swiftly coming to an end. I harvested the last of the …


Chilled Courgette Soup with Goat’s Milk Yoghurt

The ultimate courgette supper is on the table and and it looks absolutely divine. Chilled courgette soup with goat’s yoghurt, courgette and garden herb pesto bread and finally borlotti bean


Finger Licking St.Peters Ruby Red Ale Sticky Pork Ribs

The wonderful sweet aroma of caramelised onions is filling the air. In the oven I have pork ribs cooking at 160°C for two and a half  hours  while I’m making …


Fishworks! Pan-Fried Brill with Creamed Caper Vermouth Sauce

A few weeks ago I hosted a Fishworks cookery and skills course for a group of chefs. The day was sponsored by M&J Seafood. Their generosity was astounding as …


A Glut of Beans and a Cold Summers Evening, Comfort Food!

It’s the beginning of August and the weather is not good. It’s been dreary,cloudy and simply cold for the past two or three weeks. I need a proper summer to …


Char-grilled Balsamic Rump Steak with Heirloom Tomato and Bobby Bean Salad

It’s a pretty miserable  rainy day, not much to look forward to considering it’s supposed to be mid-summer.

However I  should look on the bright side,at least my tomatoes and …


Neal’s Yard Goats Curd Marrow Bakes

A trip to London is not complete without stopping at Borough market. I set off with the cool box and ice packs in the back of the car knowing that …


Malay Chicken Curry Kebabs

After such an appalling summer  last year, it took some time for me to realise that we are actually having a brilliant one this year. I grab every opportunity to …


Lightly Smoked Lobster with Sea Purslane and Suffolk Samphire

Before I launched the British larder I would have not looked twice at social networks, I thought that Twitter was a waste of time and Facebook is one of the …

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